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The granting of a credit is governed by what is generally known as the five Cs of good credit, they are: * character: are you a person who pays their bills on time? Capital: does have enough income or net worth to shrink debt payment capacity: are you a stable person?? Are your income and your employment secure enough guarantee the payment of your debt? Collateral: Do have assets or real guarantees that ensure the collection of your debt? Conditions: the current situation on the market and the economic governance of the Government have altered the economic-financial balance to the point that the increase in interest rates would do because you saw it unable to pay its debt as it was established? These five Cs are fundamental principles that are easily verifiable by credit institutions, if a person does not have a history credit, you must begin to demonstrate the qualities that could encourage potential creditors to grant credit you are requesting. The maintenance of a good image will be essential to gain access to the undeniable benefits of the system, but should take into account that financial stability, requires a serious and responsible behaviour, should be considered very seriously some of its basic principles: saving capacity (spend less than income) plan investments, such as housing, education, health, and avoid falling into the clutches of consumerismespecially in times of crisis it is important to know how to separate what is vital from the trivial. Hugh w. Arostegui analyst in Business management consultant in economics, religious leader, theologian, administrator of hospitals Blogs related prohibition of chopped of motorcycle and automotive Uruguay the day balances hotels in Minsk Crowne Plaza Hotel Best hotels politically obvious, naturally clear ‘ does Africa bridge Christ Briatore: my favorite is undoubtedly Fernando Alonso The Strapless Mio reason The Best Calorie Counter Watch? The today without a doubt I will go well. In places of delicate grasses guide ODUM supermarkets: weekend shopping ODUM VIETA IP-2 VIETA purchase silver online prices price buy hotels One, the first smoke-free chain MARKETING