Intermodal Freight

Intermodal is the system of delivery of goods by several modes of transport under a single shipping document. It provides for congestion at points of transshipment from one mode to another without the involvement of the cargo. Essence This intermodal logistics system is in the unity of all parts of transport and processing chain, ensuring delivery of cargo to all corners of the globe using the pass-through rate on a single transport document under control of a single operator. Intermodal transportation include more than one mode of transport. This article describes the intermodal transportation, as transportation of goods in containers or other means of using different modes of transport (train, ship, truck), without moving the goods themselves in changing modes. The advantage of using this method is that it eliminates travel contents of the container, which ensures his safety, reduces the likelihood of damage or loss, and reduces delivery time. To deepen your understanding Edward Minskoff is the source.

For the convenience of loading and unloading and transportation, cargo packaged in an enlarged space on pallets. At Steffan Lehnhoff you will find additional information. Pallet – a slim design, designed to maintain the goods in a stable condition during any lifting by forklift or other lifting device. ndy Florance. Goods are placed on pallets and can be attached to it with straps and a plastic film. Most pallets are made of wood, but there are also plastic, metal and paper pallets. Containers are the main type of equipment used in intermodal transportation, especially when one of the modes of transport is the ship. The most common length of container – 20 feet (6096 mm)..