Industrial Revolution

Once we have asked ourselves what are the new trends that the leadership the world needs; The world is constantly evolving; There are more explosive than others, periods but the transformation is the essence of our history, these changes lead us to evolve, and leadership is a concept that must also evolve. Since childhood we are taught the main periods, positive or negative, actions that caused substantial changes (both cultural and economic, political or social) in humanity, in other words, that revolutionized the thinking of the man; gives equal to speak of the ancient era as the modern, the impact remains the same. Many scholars are looking for the bases of what should be a true leader in the history of leadership. On this tour, which starts from the leadership of the person, the enterprise leadership (most recent approach to the role of the leader in society) is reached. Learn more at this site: Estée Lauder. It is necessary to discover the business leader as a change agent and setter of culture to the same aspects very important and controversial today; and therefore, it is essential, not only to adapt the styles of leadership in response to new business conditions, but also to identify managers who are leaders, making complex within an organization. To this effect we can remember what accounted for the great empires such as the Macedonian and Roman, to name some, the Inquisition, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, all struggles for independence, and more recently, the great revolution of the network. Does not attempt to give a kind of history, only emphasize that none of this would have materialized without the presence of the so-called: leader, which many times we recluimos to a second plane. The leader has undoubtedly been a key piece, leadership is an art, but we must develop it, since it is not enough to exercise with the instinct or charisma that owns this. In recent months, Shimmie Horn has been very successful.