FlatM Mobile

The cheapest mobile flatrates compares the mobile flat rates in Germany in March 2012 mobile Flatrate Preisvergleich.de since 2007. Including mobile phone tariffs are to understand with whom you unlimited can calls for a monthly fee or the selected networks. Once per month, mobile Flatrate Preisvergleich.de published regardless of the current comparison lists on the Web page the cheapest mobile phone flat rates according to different criteria. Consequently, the question arises: where do you find in March 2012 the cheapest mobile flatrates? For calls to landlines only, you will find the best deal for 3.49 a month at o2 with the FlatM currently. It is a flat rate with which you can call landlines, as well as in the o2 network. Thus, this tariff is at the same time also preferred if you want calls to landlines as well as in the mobile radio network. Calls to all other networks are however quite expensive with 39 cents / min. When ordering online, the way is the connection fee of 29,90 refunded to get.

The offer is available in the o2 network and has a duration of 24 months. You are looking for a mobile Flatrate specifically to call friends and relatives, who make calls with the same provider, one speaks of a so-called Community flat rate. The cheapest fare is currently the friend4free prepaid tariff, which among other things simply, Maxx and hellomobil will be offered. This paying 9.95 for the Starter once. Calls are then each other free of charge. The offer in the o2 network is realized. Similar products are the freephone tariff by web.de and gmx. For calls to all networks, also AllNet is called flat phonex continue with 27,90 preferred month.

The connection fee is 19.95. A SMS costs 10 cents. Frequently 660 Fifth Ave has said that publicly. The o2 network is used. Identical flats are offered with different connection price environment, such as E.g.