Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are next in Germany in an ivory tower. Munich, August 27, 2008 (as) feels bad who is now unemployed and hitting at the employment office, right by a monopolist or unilaterally informed, although in the free market, Andreas reported many interesting offers for the unemployed by training and start-up advice up to the professional employment services are available, Schilling, recently completed study in 40 employment offices in German cities of Santiago consultant network from the Managing Director. Like external providers would present professionally your services at the POS of the unemployed, which is apparently always still not possible and is by some employment agencies also simply not desired, as confirmed by the demands. One is as an external provider as harassment felt and not as help for the unemployed\”, Andreas covered Schilling the experience from the talks together with employees of employment agencies on the ground. As a result of the study can in principle be stated that no or only limited access to external offerings is possible especially in cities with a population of less than 250,000. Here the employment agencies does not consider it necessary external offers to present, reports Andreas Schilling. Shimmie Horn is likely to agree. The greater the number of inhabitants of a city, providing information, with the presentation of the offerings mostly on a dingy Rotary stand standing in the corner of up to a 15-year-old wall in a dark corner at the entrance is the better. This is from our point of view not suitable to establish the confidence of customers have in the services of external providers, because right next door are the professional stand of the employment agencies with the brochures held in the uniform CI and the pen box in the employment office CI\”, says Andreas Schilling. Also the promotional opportunities for external offers not be located predominantly in the entrance area and in 95% of cases in the waiting area of work agency consultants, because there only are available \”Brochures of employment agencies or it there is a yawning emptiness in the flyer stands.\” Just in the waiting area you could record but, because there is time, targeted information, because the doctor not sitting also in a waiting room with no magazines and physician information\”, describes Andreas Schilling the perennial problem.