New technologies have brought a revolution positive in the form of interpersonal communication since it offers doors in order to maintain contact with people who live far away, those who are traveling or college teammates. This type of contact is also enriching and even entertaining post that is fun to meet some tastes and interests of others through facebook. However, the danger of the technologies lies precisely in locking themselves in them. Some young people are today more time in front of the computer taking rods together with friends. Therefore, at times, technologies can also lead to loneliness disguised as an apparent company. On the other hand, nowadays, internet is also a source of very important information on a person since putting the name and surname of a friend at google sure that we can access any information about him.

This aspect should give food for thought to anyone about the need to protect their privacy to the end and, especially, the image also on facebook. You can take advantage of facebook facilities to retrieve the contact with your school mates, perhaps, locate the profile of your best childhood friend. On the other hand, you can also initiate conversation with Institute friends and students of the University with which you’ve already distanced. On the other hand, depending on your profession also might encourage you to make professional use of facebook, i.e. you can create a profile to gain access to new business contacts or to be able to promote your work on the net. Let you know is very positive in a competitive society to the end. Facebook represents a form of virtual relationship that can be done in a real friendship when also dediamos time to those friends with whom we also have contact through this social network. I.e., we make plans to go to the movies, take a walk, exit nightclub or attend a Conference.

The personal friendship is richer since your contact to you allows to have a more intimate conversation and the degree of interaction is more direct. However, some people enclose in the speed and comfort of facebook and neglect the close relationship with friends and loved ones. What do you think of this attitude? In fact, we must be very careful to not abusing new technologies since today, experts consider that there is a new addiction. Addiction to mobile or computer, i.e., there is over-dependence of this type of equipment.