Color Kitchen

Kitchen – is the abode of any of this lady, so it is very important that the furniture and the colors were chosen with taste, after all of this depends largely on the welfare of the family. So how do you choose the design and furnishings for the sanctuary? You must first decide upon the colors of your kitchen. Color solution is caused by reasons of hygiene. Experts recommend the predominance of white, blue and beige. All the walls or that their part of which will be placed along the furniture should be painted in colors, contrasting colors of furniture. Optimal combination of colors: furniture: white or ivory – walls: blue, bluish-green; furniture: yellow, orange-red – walls: white, ivory. On the eve of a shopping trip, you need to carefully measure the room and see how much space you occupy lockers and shelves, where it is better to arrange dining table or the bar, which built-in appliances you buy. Check out Atreides Management Gavin Baker for additional information. Properly arrange the kitchen furniture will help the Chinese philosophy of feng shui.

Chinese cuisine is traditionally located in the east or south-eastern part. South – this element of fire, and the east – tree. And as to fuel the fire to a tree, then these parties have acquired a symbolic significance. It also had practical significance. Entrance door in China have traditionally come out to the south to protect against cold north wind. Because it was thought that the kitchen should not be located opposite the entrance door, the kitchen was located in the eastern part of the open south-east wind.