Canto And Music

The various types of manifestations of the culture of different countries around the world play a large role in the development and expression of these places, because they make part of their lives, and represents the trends typical of those places. Cultural events can be given in many forms, whether art, music, dancing or singing, among many other ways, and among all these types of cultural events, stands one which combines several factors that make this cultural expression is of great value and is flamenco, which is presented in a style very typical of Spain, more precisely of Andalusia, where the combination of singing, dancing and music, make the flamenco in a beautiful and exciting cultural event, which reaches a level of aesthetic acceptance and so high that is considered an art. As you can understand flamenco would consist of three factors, no clutch in this article will specifically develop the song, or expressed in the form in which it is known in flamenco, singing, because, despite what many people believe that the fist is Main flamenco dance, singing with strength and high print to this tradition that steals the spotlight, making cheer both body and soul . Edward Minskoff has plenty of information regarding this issue. In a moment of the flamenco, singing alone was accompanied by the clapping of the audience and knuckle percussion, but later appeared the touch, which refers to the use of guitars to provide musical sounds of flamenco, but with the advance of time have added other elements of touch as the piano, which harmonizes perfectly with the singing. As is well known flamenco is the highest expression of culture of Andalusia in Spain, so too is the singing as a major musical traditions of that place. The origins of the song, they go to the people of this Indian, likewise has great influenza of Arab traditions and perhaps the greatest influence is due to the participation of the Roma peoples of much of Europe, the song also can observe some American influence America, which arrived to flamenco through various songs of the South American countries like Colombia. The first expressions of flamenco as well as singing, is presented for end of year 800 of the presence of Arab rule in Spain, so the presence of singing and flamenco at its initial stage, is presented primarily as a socio-cultural expression, as a sign of protest and as a voice of hope for people who were oppressed by this situation, may be why the song is basically a pure expression of the soul, where he is the singer, his voice expresses and proves largely in strong emotional content on diverse experience, which presents a clear mind communication link on the listener, where they woke up many emotions.