The experience of couples is to never be alone. Feeling depressed, full of anguish and deep sense of dissatisfaction. Anxiety, depression, and feelings of discomfort, take place, as if the provocation, we turn off almost to madness. Much love I can expect from someone who does not recognize me, I do not see or hear, and also in terms of genuine, not to love a importa.a narcissism, is important to be Otherwise, you S, a relationship “N, TO THE FAILURE. With regard to the relationship, people cutting narcissistic idea required a couple to give them status, presence, a feeling of being in the world.

That is, everything is fiction abroad, because in the depths of his soul, are so unhappy, they feel, so little, you miss to give glimpses of this great narcissism, great love for themselves. Basically what they are trying to say is lucky you can that I be your partner! By Of course, this is not in word but, hidden in the actions. The deep appreciation should be eternal.a Otherwise, you will be exposed to the experience of hell emotional.a Some features of narcissistic link: When you talk about issues important to you, seems to be attentive, but is concentrated in selfishness? a The most important conversations are those that relate to your interests, your family, your job, your friends, commitments and all that correspondence And not supported contradictions and intolerant to criticism disagreements or otherwise, will be angry and resentful.