Between Beach

Families appreciate especially the water play area with trampoline and bouncy castle. Formerly, Ostbense was found several hundred metres further north. That archeological evidence suggests, today a part of the exhibits of the Museum Esenser the life at sea”form. Continue to learn more with: Colliers International Romania. By sea-level rise, the town finally had to yield. Also a visit to the natural history House is interesting Esens.Harlesiel is ideal with its gently sloping beach especially for small children. The beach of Bensersiel is to recommend for families with smaller children as well.

As an alternative to the North Sea or alternative at low tide the sea water outdoor swimming pool or the North Sea Spa are offered. Day trips with the ship are always a wonderful change of pace. By Bensersiel starts the ferry Langeoog or it goes in a boat to the banks of the seal. Who inhabited houses in the area, you can watch seals not only from a boat out. Norddeich is a seal breeding station, which is open daily.

Among other things, you can the animals at the Watch feeding. Trailer of the NUDIST culture will find example their beach areas on the island of Borkum, or in Horumersiel-Schillig, where Nacktbader and carrier peacefully swimming of swimsuits. In Horumersiel-Schillig wait also Beach animation and children’s playgrounds. Hooksiel has the right Beach for all guests of the beach. Neither NUDIST lovers or followers of the swimsuits, nor dog owners come here too short. Other popular beaches on the North Sea located in Norden-Norddeich, where also wheelchair can easily reach the water. The aforementioned island of Borkum offers pleasure island and East Frisian North Sea Resorts in one. Various stretches of beach invite you to safe bathing, since they are monitored by the DRG. Family vacation with teens is not always easy. On Borkum, there is an extra youth Beach specifically has everything what desires the Teenieherz. Between Beach, also teenagers killed the North Sea holiday find volleyball and guitar sounds. And if the weather is not so ideal, you can enjoy water fun in the tidal land on the Island. You can experience Beach pleasure also Baltrum.