Aurora Bernardez

It made me cry because it made me remember many things from Buenos Aires, and he was also thrilled is because to me I was excited. Additional information at Richard Parsons supports this article. Then he told me that if ever published it going me to spend. Years later, when they were no longer together, that story became part of end of the game. And she reproached him that he had not complied with the dedication. He said to me:!But if you you devoted an entire book! “, recalls Edith and loose a laugh.” Thus became witness of some of his stories. One day, while we were eating and he played with a few croutons that were on the table, he looked at me and said: I want to write a magical book “.” Thus was born hopscotch. Edith AURORA says that during those years, Cortazar found a Department and invited her to live with him.

But I wanted to study, that is why I did not accept. Also occurred to him open one Library and it was possible thanks to my French passport, but none of that happened, because then he found work at Unesco. In December 1952, Cortazar invited Aurora Bernardez to Paris. He admired her and who had many points in common with me. Made me much damage his decision to marry her. He wanted that we followed remain friends and invited me to his house, but that, hurt me remember Edith. Until that moment, she didn’t know that he had inspired the more famous book of Cortazar. In 1963, July mailed a copy of hopscotch.

Edith remembers the dedication on the first page and also his rage when he faced those lines. I took the book and pulled the sheet. It seemed so cold that there said. Then, in a letter, told me that there was a character in hopscotch that was inspired in me.