Apartment Rental

The procedure for removing an apartment, villa or other real estate in Hurghada modern residential complexes in Hurghada is usually a complex of apartments with a swimming pool in the backyard. The house is specially made for the surrender of so live in it by foreign citizens. Apartments in our agency is constantly available. Offers rotated. Agency real estate deal in modern apartment complexes in the new areas of Hurghada, in the middle, or villa. Recently Fabrizio Freda sought to clarify these questions.

The greatest demand enjoy studio, one bedroom apartments and villas by the sea. Peak season is mid-autumn – winter. But now the demand for summer months as the rest is much cheaper than in the Black Sea and the high temperature is transferred very easily due to the dry climate. In spring and summer apartments in Hurghada has traditionally popular with the citizens of Italy, France, Great Britain. Lease terms may be from one month to one year or more. But it is possible to rent an apartment or any property for a week or two, the payment is made at the same time as a month. If you rent an apartment in Hurghada is a contract with the property owner or manager complex, which specifies: the conditions and terms, rental to. Property owner is interested as a rule the state of his apartment.

Water and electricity are not included in the rent. Electricity in Egypt is very cheap. Attention is drawn to the water. On the first day you need to record meter readings of water and light.