Cashing of clickbank in Mexico is difficult and more if you live in a small town, I tell them what I had to do a few checks from clickbank. Well after a period of work I received my first check from clickbank for the amount of 160 dollars, immediately I went to Bancomer to change it, went directly with an Executive of the Bank and told me that they not already changed banks in USA accounts checks, I have left the Bank and immediately went to Banamex and I went directly to the Manager and comment that he wanted to cash the cheque or otherwise if he could deposit it in my account and he told me the same as before if changed them but who very recently received instructions that could not longer Americans cashing. I didn’t quit and went to several houses of change of my city and all with the same answer that no Americans cashing. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jorge Perez. I had in my power of a cheque for 160 dollars without being able to change, now the only option I had to change it was to send this check by mail to relatives that I have in the USA so that they change them I. One thing that concerned me It is that in order to receive my payment through bank transfer, it was necessary to receive three clickbank payments via checks, but to my luck and for many of you it is now clickbank made some molificaciones in their payment policies and now only need to receive 2 payments via cheque and already then you may change wing option of payment by bank transfer. Once I realized I had to receive only 2 payments with checks, I had to wait and be aware of my second check for $65 dollars, once confirming that it had already sent me my check immediately did the following to change the option of checking payments by bank transfer payment option. Contact information is here: Gavin Baker.