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The Ways

The ability to construct meaning based on restructuring of knowledge, in accordance with the previous basic conceptions of the subject. Subjects learn managing skills to certain content and build themselves the meaning of those contents that have been processed. In this way, constructive learning has been defined as a natural product of the experiences found in contexts or learning environments; in which knowledge is classified and ordered in a natural way. To broaden your perception, visit Cushman and Wakefield. . Likewise, Coll (1996) considers that you among the principles that are associated to the constructivist conception of learning and teaching, are the following: box 1 principles constructivist learning. Coll (1996) principles. Learning involves an internal construction process, so it is considered subjective and personal. Learning is facilitated by the mediation with one another, which leads to say that learning is social and cooperative. Gresh and Smith: the source for more info.

Learning depends on the level of cognitive, emotional and social development as well as the nature and structures of knowledge. The beginning of learning are previous knowledge and experiences that have the subject. Learning is facilitated through support to achieve lead to cognitive bridges between what is new and what is already known. 660 Fifth Avenue, New York is a great source of information. Within constructivist learning theories, some consider the activity of the individual in the construction of knowledge and others, priority of social context. However, constructivism has become the cornerstone of the contemporary educational process. . In this order of ideas learning involves a relatively persistent change in a possible behavior of an individual as a result of the experience.

Coaching empowers the individual to learn and act effectively. According to Zeus and Skiffington (op cit) learning is the Coaching. Learning, of I according to the issues raised above, it is a personal experience: as well as the ways of perceiving, feeling, thinking and acting differ from one individual to another. Each individual is tilted by a specific learning method. Some prefer to learn listening, others seeing or reading.

World Health Organization

Prospects for the year 2020 point to six countries with greater obesity in the world will be Latin America: Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Of these, Venezuela will be the third country with more obese people in the world, with a 41.6%, and Mexico will be in 10th place, with a 35.3%. In this regard, Chile is the country with more people overweight in the region and the second in the world. Obesity rates have increased considerably since 1980, when he began to spread the consumption of fast food in Latin America. Greater access to food with high levels of saturated fat and fewer fruits and vegetables in the diets. The increase of urbanization which assumes more sedentary lifestyles, the parameter most commonly used to measure overweight and obesity is the (BMI) body mass index. In this sense, the World Health Organization (who) defines overweight as a BMI equal to or more than 25, and obesity as a BMI equal or greater than 30, thresholds that serve as a reference for individual evaluations. This is why authorities worldwide will put the issue on the table, to take the necessary measures and implement a plan, allowing educate and create food habits in the population.

Sedentary lifestyle is extreme. Among men, reaches a 88.8%, and among Chileans uneducated reaches 97%, while the rate of cardiovascular risk increases to 93% in males aged 45 upward. Despite these figures, paradoxically, Chile currently has one of the highest life expectancy in the world, higher even than the United States. While it is difficult to combat obesity, there are quite a few effective methods. It is almost a utopia to think that an obese will stop eating from one day to another, so I think a good option method of losing weight without starving.

This is accomplished by avoiding put together some foods with others. For example, it is not advisable to mix protein with carbohydrates; in other words, meat with potatoes. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from 660 Fifth Avenue, New York. On the other hand it can be meat with salads. In the network there is a course which aims to do this, access through this link.

Autumn Tale

MEASUREMENT of ot0no Alejandro Maciel and half of the NAP raise good, and will be as the morning. And you shalt and there will be no who frighten you. The eye of the evil will be consumed and their hope will be agony of soul. Job 11: 17 – 20 came when the Moon cut the passage of the casuarinas. I told them that anyway you would gallop, because Earth martillaba of hot when I went to bed thinking that I couldn’t sleep I. You’re going to close our eyes, going to pray to the Virgin and thus to stay asleep, I said to myself. But dreams are enemies of thoughts.

And that night all what I had heard these days of autumn returned once, another time, it was already losing in the distance but no, again again and again the same old story. It’s time to turn off del candil said mum because you can dream since he left things to come or were according to their whims, you have to see that some things are capricious. For MOM, everything was the same. Long ago ceased to fight with the misfortunes. One should get very tired old woman in this village resigned. I could not see the horses when you said goodbye but I knew they fatigues tirelessly in the still hot sand rumbling from the Sun of January did not stop one day to burn, it never ends fall light burned in the NAPs of January.

Already two months passed and still burning, still beating of flare-ups even though they are not, feel burning. I said that or even if they galoparan all night on that sand bristling could reach them. One of them told me: the distance is shorter at night. I do not know which of them, they were many. I went out to look at and in the alley the sand was still beating heat despite the helmets marked as dark eyes. For assistance, try visiting 660 Fifth Avenue, New York.

SorglosStrom Confused With The Santa Claus

The wish list by Dennis from Rostock to Munich, in December 2010 that the energy brand SorglosStrom offers a consumer-friendly product to save, is nothing new. It is also known that SorglosStrom also persuaded by expert product advice and transparent information. But that SorglosStrom must assume also the job of the Santa Claus, was itself the power brand until recently unknown. How SorglosStrom became the Santa Claus: an energy supplier such as SorglosStrom receives daily a lot of post of prospective customers, existing customers, and those who want to be there. However, end of November SorglosStrom has a very special letter reaches: Dennis from Rostock, Germany has sent namely his wishlist for Christmas at SorglosStrom. “Dennis wants of course toys, namely the Lego World Racers” and the hot wheels Dr bones colour lab incl. colour shifters vehicle “. That was at least on the catalogue section to see that Dennis has been in the SorglosStrom envelope.

And on the envelope, in turn, Dennis has “written: to Santa Claus from Dennis.” The wishlist was intentionally sent to SorglosStrom, or whether it is an accident, does one not find out. Fact is that SorglosStrom while first and foremost is a brand of energy, makes an exception in this case and wants to take the side job as backup Santa Claus. SorglosStrom here but faces a major problem: Dennis has left namely a sender on his letter. SorglosStrom Santa unfortunately does not know where the two Christmas gifts should be sent. Dennis, sign up! As soon SorglosStrom does not give up though! On the Internet page Christmas, the energy supplier has launched a call to find Dennis. The gifts are long concerned only Dennis from Rostock must sign up until at least Christmas with SorglosStrom SorglosStrom Santa can deliver the toys from LEGO and hot wheels at the right Dennis. 660 Fifth Avenue, New York: the source for more info. More information about SorglosStrom and the wish list by Dennis Christmas through the following link: