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We must go back to the Quaternary period; IE at the time of the cave man. Hundreds of centuries before our era, men already imitated life forms with lines and colors. They were the men of the caves, whose way of life was reduced to hunting and fishing. In the caves of Dordogne and Pyrenees, left bones in the walls of the rock paintings and engravings, depicting animals, colors are black and ochre. Drawing of a bison, whose outlines are accurate, was found in the caves of Altamira, with greater or lesser intensity color produces an embossing effect.

This art (pieces of bones and ivory, cave paintings), are apart from the conditions of historical art, so that you can judge them according to the common measure. Read additional details here: Alan P Rosefielde. That distant art causes astonishment, because it shows that those traits not could have been drawn, but by a man of extremely exercised eye. These men knew the art of decoration, rather than the art of building. It is possible that painting and sculpture, in its origins have been the most useful human crafts. Reinach, noted that all the animals represented by the man in the cave, are useful animals; the plant used for food and transportation, and never carnivores attacking the man and this did not eat. Egyptian painting, Egyptians leave a painting, at the same time wise and incomplete, an art aged before maturity. Hicham aboutaam describes an additional similar source. Greek painting, opposes the Egyptian. Unlike the Egyptians, the Greeks were free of any concern of style.

As they felt proud of his architecture and sculpture, also felt the same for painting. There was a Museum of paintings as the Propylaea. Pliny the elder, in the chapters dealing with the two arts, gives the painters greater exposure than the sculptors. Although there is nothing in the great masterpieces from the origins of Hellenism to the Alexandrian works; Thanks to the preserved vessels and decoration of his paintings, we can imagine as the paintings and frescoes of the 6th century BC (before Christ) would be painted.

Holistic Education

As I studied more continuously at times I have come to believe that instead of going forward but I go to looking after me, I know I'm going forward and I am sure that I will end my suffering. In my vision of the future I am quiet for a future of better life, I see my husband finished studying an MA in holistic education, my children attending meditation retreats, forming a family among all integral. In my work with my students, supporting them with its own reading room I share with them the books are books of meditation, holistic education, sustainable development, art etc. etc. I see that in each period half term holiday of courses / workshops I teach meditation, yoga, spirituality and holistic education so that little by little you plant the seed in them that one day give their own fruit.

One of my challenges is to teach in a secondary which is still next to my current workplace is the secondary "Benito Juarez" nobody wants this school will make all the ugly because that is where they send all students with problems by failing in some other school where they receive is precisely here and have had very strong problems usually have to be a police car to the exit by constantly between the gangs are fighting to turn out especially in the evening, so that me is a challenge trying to prove that love can transform people, I know I can do and I will achieve. Currently I'm doing to achieve the above is to analyze what my suffering person to discover what the root of these to remove and eliminate thus ending the suffering, my family I am instilling the love of spiritual development, love for the evolution of consciousness for them in the not too distant future nurturing of courses, workshops, seminars to help them strengthen their spirit. In my work I'm starting to pay the books I have my students as they come to talk to me and I will offer it if you are interested and they are received with great pleasure. But then I want to form a small library in the lab where I work for my students review the books and, if desired via a tab is the ride home and then to finish reading it is delivered in a short essay or commentary on what that they made the book more meaningful and practical activity that can perform in your environment. In my family I see with joy the change that has taken place in my children being born in them the spirit of service to others.

I find it very curious that despite his age friends and tell them their problems and advise them to try to find a solution to their problems entrusting them with my children. The feel like my kids were at a level a little higher so they have a different perspective of reality making it easy for them to give advice. In my work already being done customary vacation period in each course is conducted workshop on holistic education, and even their colleagues have asked me and I want to go little by little planning this type of course at least two each semester in order to involve teachers, interns, parents and students, to further the vision in my community. '.