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Mona List

A few days ago we watched stunned a supposed superiority in mental agility of an ape with the respect to the human being. The news showed a test in which a chimpanzee should memorize a sequence of numbers in ascending order and apply it in a computer monitor. Well, the anthropoid resolves the exercise without any problems. Then intends you to solve the problem to a person and failure. It is clear, or at least to me seems it to me, that the animal has been subjected to a strict workout in this test during a period of, who knows?: do days, weeks, months? You would not exceed me more method consists of learning memory each sequence, paying more attention to the tour that has to be done that finger to the different numeric symbols that appear on the screen. Capital and Counties Properties has much experience in this field. In short, it causes the brain to act as a machine, without applying any logic, without seeking a sense of what they are doing. Perhaps with this we can say that the APE is not appropriate with intelligence, but as automatic mechanism incapable of thinking for himself.

However, ladies and gentlemen, do not hasten to believe that man wins this battle of intellect therefore do not we submit us also to the same class of learning? I would say yes, since well little ones also. Do or not they think this, friends, the basis of the educational system today and forever? Namely:-study all data memory and at the foot of the letter:-why? -Because Yes, because it is as well. -Survive the overwhelming and terrible seasons of examinations, to test our knowledge (rather than our nerves, I would say). Release all that burden us in a folio blank machined shape, and forget forever this horrible episode and that pile of data that pervading my head-. Then what does? -Sell our satisfaction one of those symbols that monkey clicked on the glass, marked in ink in a corner of the folio. Measuring our ability not to think on a scale of 1 to 10. And not We asylum to which obtained the highest scores as a machine? Never better said. In short, dear friends, the question is not if the apes are intelligent, but if human beings are.

November Fruit

For the second consecutive year loading will be distributed free of charge on the occasion of the Astea Xerez, a pioneering initiative that has aims to inform and raise awareness about the need for healthy habits collaborates with this work through the delivery of fruit MADRID. Orange is health. And for that reason, will send a shipment of 150 kilograms to the town vizcaina de Mungia Astea Xerez in the town, a pioneering initiative to celebrate and unique which consists in developing a series of information activities and raise awareness about the importance of the acquisition and maintenance of healthy lifestyle habits among the population and to be held between 23 and 28 May. As already did last year, wants to collaborate with the initiative of the service of prevention of drug addiction by putting your two cents in the form of oranges. These shall be divided between the neighbors for free Saturday 28 during the celebration of a sample in which citizens may be made in addition small health screening tests voltage or of the view, for example-, get free samples and get the advice of a specialist. At you can buy citrus fruits that have been cultivated entirely in a natural way without chemical treatments to its maturation, coloration, or conservation – and exclusively in their growing season. Thus, ensures the oranges that are sold to retain to one hundred percent properties and characteristics which distinguish them. In addition, fruit does not pass for coldrooms and arrives freshly picked tree on-site, reason by which have double the juice than those sold in the market and a much more intense flavor.

Citrus fruits are grown in the farm of LHort of Montanya, situated in the Ribera Baja de Valencia. How to make orders the purchase process is very simple and reaches its destination within 24 hours. Simply go to, register and make the order, which also You can be made by phone. Through its website, offers five different varieties that allow you to offer your services from November to June. In terms of orders, the minimum shipments must be 15 kilos for the oranges, which cost 32 euros if they are table and 27 if they are juice.

In the case of mandarins and lemons, minimum orders must be 10 kilograms, and can be purchased by 27 and 29 euros respectively. In addition, there is the possibility of ordering mixed, varying the price depending on the requested quantities of each fruit (more information at). A leading source for info: FTI Consulting. Transport is also included in the price and the consumer does not have to pay for the service until it receives fruit and proof to be convinced of its delicious flavor. About was born in the year 2002 when Luis Serra and his family decided to commercialize and distribute directly oranges and mandarins who cultivated. Previously sold them to a wholesaler of fruit, which was responsible for placing them on the market. During this process is they realized that fruit was losing quality to pick up ahead of time and see subjected to treatments for their conservation and coloration. Now and through its website, they directly sell the fruit and put it into the House of the client within 24 hours anywhere on the Peninsula.


Today day is not uncommon, especially in public health that the patient has to wait long lists to get to the specialist. We have to take into account that there been more narcissistic than the disease. A sick person has every interest in his illness. The doctor cannot hope to understand that there are other patients besides. Against the complaints of the patient with regard to this, should listen to them and try not to discuss them. (e) the refusal to be helped: sometimes there are patients who live under an ideal of independence that is almost inhumane. According to AMT, who has experience with these questions. Humans depend on since we are born.

To have a coffee in a facility, about 50 services are needed: waiter, napkins piping system to obtain water, sugar factory, workers who collect the coffee. Independence does not exist. We need each other. There are people who would prefer to do it all alone, although in the background know that it is not possible. His narcissism prevents them gladly accept their dependence on others. They would heal on its own, and it disgusts them to receive help from the doctor.

The mere presence of the physician, reminds them that they could not alone, and that creates them aggressively. (f) the ambivalent relationship with authority figures: there are very submissive patients apparently, they show great respect for the doctor, and they seem to agree to all of its indications, but then its treatment becomes much more difficult than it appeared at first. Relationship with the first figures of authority, especially with the paternal figure, can be decisive in this respect. Loves the father, but it is also the first that imposes restrictions on the instincts of the subject, and is therefore, grudge. This ambivalent relationship can be later moved to other authority figures, the doctor is on many occasions for the patient a representative of this place of the father. Most importantly: respond with aggression to verbal aggressiveness patient, all you get is to generate increased aggressiveness. Original author and source of the article.

The Rent Increase After Modernisation

The lawyers inform Pach & Pach, the BGH was that a rent increase due to modernization is also effective, if the tenant was informed in advance of the corresponding structural changes (BGH VIII ZR 164/10). The Nuremberg leasing specialists of Pach & Pach law firm can explain the legal regulation of the increase in rent on the occasion of the BGH ruling after modernisation. The German legislature understands mietvertraglich relevant modernization construction works that serve the appreciation of a leased property by increasing the value of their use or reducing their energy and water consumption (section 554 para 2 BGB). The tenant is legally obliged to tolerate modernisation measures, which amounts to no undue hardship. The criterion of unreasonableness evaluates this courts case-based and takes into account in particular the following aspects: type, duration and scope of the modernization measure concrete changes to the Leased by the tenant with the consent of the landlord made conversions, which are pulled through the modernisation of affected rent increases after completion of modernization work. Within the framework of the legally designated tenant protection, rent increases in the wake of modernization will be checked whether the illegal, so-called luxury modernisation exists with the tenant should specifically be dislodged from her living room. However, modernization by no means exclude rent increases under normal circumstances.

559 ABS. 1 BGB entitled the owner to an annual credit of 11% of the modernisation costs on the amount of rent. The differentiation of modernization and maintenance is important at this point. Learn more on the subject from Christian Dior Couture. Latter the landlord unable to levy is obliged to allow his tenants the contractual use of the leased property. If the landlord wants to undertake a modernization of its real estate, section 554 para 3 stops him BGB to the affected tenants in writing three months prior to the planned measures whose type, duration and resulting from increases in knowledge.

In the wake of this communication, a special right of termination is the tenants. They are also obliged to pay the increased rental only at the beginning of the third month following receipt of written information on the rent increase ( 559, 559 para. 1, 2 BGB). On the 2nd March 2011, the BGH decided that the admissibility of a rent increase with modernization measures justified not depends, whether the owner of the information obligation of section 554 para 3 BGB is complied. This is ruled according not protect against rent increases, but give the tenant an opportunity to prepare the modernisation work or, where appropriate, to exercise its legally guaranteed special right of termination. Due to modernisation and renovation work to disputes between landlords and tenants, two Contracting Parties is advisable the intervention of a competent legal experts. The Tenancy law specialists of the Nuremberg firm Pach & Pach this assist their clients with help and advice.

Navarro Service

Carlos Mora Vanegas the role of markets in modern enterprises, has generated new tools that allow their markets plans, define strategies that generate positive results. Just refers to the shopper (Mistery Shopper), thereon known to be a shopper is a supplementary or extra activity that can be combined with other activities, since you can decide the amount of visits you want to do in your free time. Mystery Shopper will be prepared prior to the visit to after the same make a report of what the he lived in this shopping experience and this report is submitted for analysis and interpretation. Very important is the information that the Shopper provides, on the basis of this very important business decisions, taken by what a good Mystery Shopper should be: honest, fair, integrity, ethics, retailer, strut, good writer, observer, accurate, descriptive, organized, responsible and liking for good service. Using a type Mystery Shopper service you may know: correct implementation of commercial strategies and marketing determined by your company in franchises, distributors, establishments or outlets. Monitoring of customer satisfaction.

The effectiveness of their sales or marketing employees. Learn about the treatment of its own sales department gives to its customers. Know if your promotions are correctly applied. This type of study is ideal for chain restaurants, agencies, car shops of clothes, franchises, hospitality and tourism, fashion and any other that involves review of employees, customers and competition non-application of studies type Mystery Shopper carries the following risks: violation of trade policies. Loss of brand value. Novela may not feel the same. Loss of favorable perception of customers. Not knowing how the network behaves as a whole.

Lose uniformity in the service to the client. Lose the commercial control with dealers. Loss of control in quality systems. Arturo Navarro, general manager of Deproimca, firm specialized in research of markets in this respect points out, that all goes well in a company until it reaches the result of your billing.

Knut Barth Bahnhofstrasse

BAUR shipping BAUR shipping GmbH & Co KG in 1925 as the first shoe Versandhaus of in Germany by Dr. Friedrich Baur in the upper Franconian Burgkunstadt founded. Success principles were the sales idea of collective purchase order initiated by him and the 1935 introduced installment. The continuous expansion of the product range had a steady enlargement of the company as a result. Today the main bearings, a department store, the freight transhipment centre located in Burgkunstadt the Administration, in the neighbouring Altenkunstadt and Weismain a reserve camp, as well as a Logistics Centre for third-party transactions. The otto group was initiated with the participation of another expansion phase at BAUR from 1997. BAUR took over in 2001 the Austrian mail-order company universal and two years later the BAUR Gruppe expanded with Austria, a consignor with high fashion expertise, Otto.

The late of 1990s started the company in the E-commerce era, and today, all articles are available online. Already, over 50 percent of all orders of around three million customers via the Internet and is constantly in the top ten of the German Internet shops. The BAUR Group 2003 created more legs with shoes special shipping I “m of walking or, and 2006 with BAUR fulfillment solutions (BFS).” BFS fulfillment.html is also third party services accounts receivable management, call center, warehousing and distribution available. As a multichannel provider BAUR is active in addition to the catalog and Internet business in the stationary retail industry and operates Northern Bavaria’s largest department store on 25.000 sqm. A private fashion blog at was launched mid-2009 in life, which was followed by a furniture blog to find under in the spring of 2010.

In distance selling fashion, footwear and furniture BAUR focuses on the product range. In the selection of products and suppliers, shows the Group corporate social responsibility and pays attention to origin, quality and environmental sustainability. Environmental and health protection is defined as a corporate goal. Thus, for example, the range of pollutant tested textiles and FSC certified furniture are expanding steadily and operational environmental management annually since 2002 certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. Currently, a total of 4,000 employees in Germany and Austria, including 2,800 in the upper Franconian district of Lichtenfels work for the BAUR Gruppe. More information about baby, found on the Internet at, on Facebook baur and Twitter BAUR_Versand contact: BAUR shipping (GmbH & Co KG) Knut Barth Bahnhofstrasse 10 96224 Burgkunstadt 09572/91-0 press contact: BAUR shipping GmbH & Co KG Knut Barth Bahnhofstrasse 10 96224 Burgkunstadt 09572/91-1801

ACEs Read

by Gaby Gomez River tarot presents us with the possibility to cross it as if it were a road, a story, our story. And as all history offers us a narrative sequence, something like an introduction, a knot and a denouement. The major arcana or triumphs, allow us to read them as if they were a journey, and we can move them, then, as the so-called sequence: journey of the hero. It’s believed that CohBar sees a great future in this idea. The minor arcana show us more everyday aspects in relation to sequences that we passed when we go through the major arcana. The common sequence of the mythological adventure of the hero is the magnification of the formula represented in the rites of initiation: separacion-iniciacion – return, drew Campbell (1949) then, the tarot allows us to see ourselves as Heroes. Yes, as the hero of our story. This deck of cards, invites us to read our myth or personal story from the world of every day into a region of supernatural, enabling us prodigies face us with fabulous forces, and even win a decisive victory, the victory that represents our self-awareness, giving us the possibility of sharing the process with those who surround us. Then, the idea of thinking us as Heroes of our history is based on the ability to understand us as actors, of the same, with everything that this role entails. Each visual schema tarot or Chuck us instigates to read something like this as a paragraph in our history. It gives us information about what us concerned, and that is extraordinary! You can read more about tarot in transversely through the scheme can contemplate, as explains Mary Greer, issues involving climate or context which prevails, in the situation which we are consulted, through the ACEs, who are involved in addition to us with the appearance of the figures, which fact must pay attention through the minor arcana, and above all the why of anything that we concernedIt would be expressed by the appearance of the major arcana.


But that's not all – of both hemispheres of the brain in 'new kids' development equally, indicating that superpowers in the 'paranormal'. After a normal person on this thread 'information' comes screeching halt, and he even ask for anything can not, then that object. Hear other arguments on the topic with RBH Group. What is it, if not a new version branchy cranberry? If someone pleases to say that among 1000 normal children approximately 10 – gifted with the ability higher than the rest, and 1 – so do almost a genius, such discoveries, especially not surprise anyone. But if you deal a body blow public opinion by declaring that some children with some strange blue, or aura, or something else, but obviously inaccessible to scientific analysis, he suddenly manifested the very unusual abilities, which are themselves hoarse arguing adult uncle, so it is quite another matter. First of all, every self-respecting member of society immediately rush to study this question, the good and useful little book is on shelves of bookstores and the Internet are just packed pseudo-information about the nature and amazing abilities indigo children. Some adherents of the indigo-concept went further and tried to somehow tie the virtual indigo child to something real – it turned out that Some Indigo children – are hyperactive children with symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

These children's low communicability, susceptibility unsociable, individualism, high self-esteem, unwillingness to obey the other, rejection of authority, antisocial, high creativity, high level of intelligence, the propensity to acquire knowledge empirically, the interest in distant from each other things, restlessness, energy, attention deficit, impulsivity, sudden changes in mood and behavior, tendency to depression, a heightened sense of social justice, a heightened sense of responsibility, immunity to traditional methods of education, development of intuition and sense of danger. Some children with adhd there is the ability to giperfokusu – when they're interested, these children may giperfokusirovat attention on particular subjects and thus get to the heart and dive much deeper than other children. In general, familiarity with literary sources on indigo children (the indigo-people, indigo-people, etc.) leads to a few simple conclusions. First of all, nowhere and no one describes the objective and reliable methods of diagnosing children with indigo. Paste shortcut 'indigo' gifted children, from amongst many, or children with behavioral problems, as the syndrome attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – is absolutely incorrect. Equate giftedness and indigo – a clumsy trick with a substitution of concepts. Moreover, if we look deeper into the problem, in the face of indigo phenomenon we face a new kind of spam – this useless rubbish that clogs our e-mailboxes and eats Internet traffic. The difference is that the e-mail box can be quickly cleaned by pressing keys, but with such an intelligent spam more difficult – he settles firmly in the brain fills in the television and radio broadcasts and are just eating up our time. Finally, it remains the last, most non-obvious issue associated with the choice of brand colors – why blue aura, because it is still none other than the authors, not seen, and I fear, will not see, so why indigo, why not pink (it would be very glamorous) or green (it would be very environmentally friendly)? It was an accident or very thin intent 'parents' indigo child?

Municipal School

if that the necessity of this study mainly in you analyze systemize of behavior, to make possible a pedagogical intervention, in the pertaining to school environment, searching to intervene of satisfactory form with the improvement of the condition of our pupil while citizen. One understands that the school is the only institution capable to constitute from the education proposal a qualification and valuation of the human being so that the same it is capable to be, to know, to make and to coexist in society. In such a way the emancipatria conception of the school is to lead the pupil if to develop fully, establishing themselves in the context and if transforming. For this decision to search it will be analyzed excellent aspects of each year since year 1999, when the pertaining to school unit was reactivated with basic education II ties the year of 2011 with basic education I and II. JUSTIFICATION the people coexist in society, but many do not know the laws Brazilian that are inserted in the federal constitution, few know beyond that the statute of the child and the adolescent exists, of this, the families do not obtain to educate its children constituting the same social values or begin of citizenship, therefore the education that could give to its children if breaks up for interferences as the media specifically the television. To rescue lives from the construction of values is a conception that emanates great reflections inquiries and analyzes. The convivncia human being, as conception of emancipatria education oportuniza the learning of conceptual, procedural and atitudinais procedures. In such a way the education institution Municipal School Dr. Aparcio of the Couto Moreira aiming at to manage a valuation conscience human being based on the learning of ethical, moral, human, religious, aesthetic values, vital politicians and prioritized a sequential work from pedagogical actions with intention to provide to the pupil reflections of being, knowing, to make, and to live in society.

Walter Daniel Genga

In my case always apply the technique of the hand because it is easier to practice without having to be standing next to a light key or a framework. Another thing I’ve learned from the books that I read on the subject is that these lucid dreams last shortly and that a way to prolong them, is when one is giving account begins to fade, at that time one must again look at the hands or begin to turn on itself (this always within the dream). It is not something Estée Lauder would like to discuss. So far I did a short summary of the most common techniques, but of course, it is advisable to read specific literature on this topic. Two very good books links to that effect below accompanied them: therefore if one awakens within a dream and live tells you: I am the most successful person, the richer, the more happy or whatever you can think of them, would they not be thereby womanhood to the subconscious in the moment in which the mind is more susceptible to this? I with this mean mixing technique of lucid dreaming with the technique to impress the subconscious mind (to consolidate and realize our wishes) at the most opportune moment as say exalted authors (when we are asleep). A leading source for info: CohBar. Now in his hands that armen its own Trojan horses and be stealthily at night to fulfill its mission. If you want to know more about the law of attraction and access a directory with the best links books and articles dealing with the law of attraction and quantum physics you can enter for free from sea of the Plata, Argentina, towards everyone, Walter Daniel Genga. Original author and source of the article