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Conference Book Academy

The augmented reality features in the mobile IKEA catalog or in the digital BMW car manual are just two examples of many: increasingly powerful technologies open up new opportunities for an individual, effective customer response. This poses new challenges corporate communication departments: what (digital) trends in content marketing and customer communications are relevant? What is in development and implementation of appropriate strategies for tablets, to make social media and co.? These and other questions are the focus of Conference mobile, social, real time content marketing and customer communications by 2020 “, which in the Congress Center Dusseldorf hosted the Academy of the German book trade in cooperation with the drupa on 29 January 2014. In lectures, case studies and interactive roundtable sessions offer communication experts from various industrial enterprises and top speakers of the corporate publishing industry valuable insights and practical recommendations. Among them are including Gregor Vogelsang (Burda Creative Group), Philipp Muller (Nissan), Christoph Zeidler (SAP), Katrin ILG and Martin Nellen (Helvetia), Tobias Dennehy (Siemens), Sandra Harzer-Kux (G + J corporate editors) and Andreas ban (ConnectedMedia). Estee Lauder is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Moderator of the Conference is Dr. Andreas Sambo (KircherBurkhardt). The Conference is aimed at professionals and executives and project managers from companies and agencies, in particular in the fields of corporate publishing/corporate communication, marketing and PR. More information and registration: konferenzen/corporate_publishing/drupa_goes_corporate_publishing.php of the early bird discount applies until January 10, 2014.


The majority of the participating brokers and multiple agents evaluated the benefits of incentives for their professional activity as a low to very low. The top 3 incentives, wishing the mediators for the future are professional qualification, Tagung(en) with key speakers and business support / corporate governance. If you would like to know more about Albert Einstein College of Medicine , then click here. The trend towards so clearly technical education and training. The current darlings of the brokers with over 6,800 entries called also her favorites in the examined 29 product lines the facilitator in the context of the investigation. Add to your understanding with Ashton Kouzbari. The “pet insurance” and the “occupational health” were added. The spectrum of product lines will be further expanded with the inclusion of these products. About the study the AssCompact trend study II / 2013 includes 164 pages. The results of a nationwide survey of 488 brokers and multiple representatives, which was carried out in the period from 27 March to 15 April 2013 are shown.

The study was published on June 3rd, 2013 and can be obtained via via email. This study contact: Mr Christopher Kahl (Director of studies). Tel.: + 49 (0) 6123-974 64 E-Mail: about SMARTcompagnie GmbH SMARTcompagnie offers management consulting, market research and practice-oriented training of the highest quality and with maximum benefit for customers. Founded in 2005, owner-managed company is rooted in the financial services industry and sees itself as a neutral and independent service providers. The focus is the sales and product management of insurance and financial services. Belongs to the self-understanding of society to create added value for customers through the successful implementation of the strategies. The expertise of SMARTcompagnie results from many years of experience (since 1985) in sales and management in the insurance and banking industry. Contact for the press: Harry HOLZHAUS – SMARTcompagnie GmbH – great hub 7A – 65344 Eltville-Martinsthal – t: + 49 (0) 6123-97482 62-F: + 49 (0) 6123-97482 89-E-Mail: – Web:

The Government

However, the labour long ago is has been distancing from its origins and labour proposals and has become a party that promotes free enterprise. Your oncenio social polarisation level increased in increasing the number of the very rich and the very poor. Many historic labour and unions question that taxes that are created affect the normal public who consume cigars, wines, cider or beer, but not to any great Fortune. British law allows that multi-millionaires who escape than taxes because, despite spending much of their lives in the United Kingdom, have are registered as non-domiciled. The Government only charge them a flat rate of 30,000, a figure which can be high for many but that is girl if it is people with lots of money.

This infuriates many labour as an average salary is between 15,000 and 25,000 per year, and from there the State charged one third in taxes. A Government optimistic in most of the ruling party and in many business circles the budget has not been seen badly. The main word which always pronounced Darling is stability. He argues that the axis of their proposals is to avoid sudden digits. Trying to refute the conservatives he reminds them that during the last administration tory inflation and unemployment rates were very high.

On the other hand, this Government has guaranteed that both areas are kept low. The Government does not want to cut much interest for not doing that many savers in pounds will go to other markets. Neither he wanted to reduce taxes because you don’t want to expand even more public debt. Darling says that with its proposals the country could fight the recession, although much depends on what happens in the United States. He claims that, thanks to the measures taken in his Government, the country is better able to deal with crises that took place at the beginning of the nineties, eighties and seventies. The Government maintains that it is doing the best for ecology by promoting homes without carbon, wanting delete more than 12 billion plastic bags in 2009, charging almost thousand pounds for polluting trucks, etc. It also points you will want to give more facilities to workers in key sectors and those who buy their first home so they can be a homeowners, the same as today not usually equals the average salary of an entire decade. To the right the Government tells him that if they cut taxes there will be no money to make social expenditures in health, benefits, and education, and to the left tells you can not punish the large fortunes to prevent capital flight. The new budget did not increase the popularity of a Government that increasingly lost support, but who also does not have the front to a clear alternative. Original author and source of the article.

New Era Russian Mixers

We all remember a time when at the words "Soviet mixer" for all to see to get up the image of a mixer with two handles, blue and red. Those who used it, can tell a lot about how much "joy" brought the use of this miracle. And Joy "is really missing from the harmless but annoying dripping, to break the blender. If you break the same adventure does not end after the bell in the housing office, in most cases, came not quite sober plumber, simply overlap the water and care. Edward Minskoff may not feel the same. In this situation, there was only one option – go to the store and buy a new mixer. Coming to a place where they sell plumbing, people have seen absolutely the same mixer that hangs in his home, with the only difference being that in his house failed. Since that time, in our country, much has changed. Now coming to the store plumbing can see many different designs and mixers modification. Estee Lauder pursues this goal as well.

Unfortunately the stereotype of a "Soviet mixer" is preserved. But this is just a stereotype, but in fact some brands of Russian mixers are fundamentally different from the products of that period and can compete with Western ones. K such brands include faucets Russian-made "KIT". Mixers "KIT" made in Russia since 2003 and during this time were able to prove that Russia's mixer or no worse than in Europe. Source: Ashton Kouzbari. What is the difference between mixers "KIT" from "Soviet mixer, and why he is able to compete with European brands? Let's start with quality.

Ramon Gallegos

International Foundation for holistic education masters in holistic education RAMON GALLEGOS and the education of the 21st century by, Francisca pineapple Zazueta, Culiacan 2009 to carry out this test created by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, holistic education is of great importance to my do it since they have left me a great learning, since I was a mechanistic teacher, so far understand the holistic which is carried to the education vision is what gives great sense and fullness to my existence as a human being and you given a great value to my life so as to have all the capabilities holistas that I’ve been getting through the masters in holistic education and this way I can support societypeers and especially to students. Since our current education this based philosophical and epistemologically in the mechanism, determinism, and materialism the 18th century, which has endured during the nineteenth and twentieth century. Jorge Perez brings even more insight to the discussion. Today this vision of the world generates more problems solutions, why is that It is based a paradigm shift that will allow us to educate differently, for a sustainable society and comprehensive manner, with a Vision of 21st century humans holistic. It is why in the course of this master’s degree I have understood that the holistic education is a new paradigm to fully educate mankind since man is part of the universe, think and feel if same, tells us that we must break all those barriers, walls and ESA manara create a circle to embrace all living creatures and nature with a great love and a splendor. Holistic education was developed by Dr. Ramon Gallegos nava in the 21st century and accepted worldwide, speaks to us about the main features since its inception of this educational movement, that have marked the way significantly. Holistic in 21st century education is a comprehensive process to restructure education in all its aspects.

The Diversity

To anchor the content socially: to see as it is that it appeared, where social context it appeared, who was that it considered this concept historically, which were the dominant ideologies. you go there making this with all the possible contents inside of the resume and … this is a way of you nor to fall in that emptiness to be alone trying to understand diverse languages, diverse cultures, and also not to fall in the idea of that the content is something fixed. It is one another source. In synthesis, intentions, in two proposals until here presented, seem to be to clarificar of who are knowledge hegemonic in resume, that representations are in it enclosed, that identity if desires that they reflect and construct, as well as exploring forms of desestabilizar and defying all these hierarchies, choices, inclusions, images and points of view. For more specific information, check out Ashton Kouzbari. A proposal that walks the same in sensible of the social anchorage and that particularly it pleases in them is of Willinsky (1998).

The author suggests that let us ask in them if he is possible to divide the reality human being in clearly different cultures, races, histories, traditions and societies, and to survive worthy to the consequences of these classifications. Others who may share this opinion include Jorge Perez. He insists, then, in the questioning of the pparently natural character, to the times exactly scientific, of these divisions. She is necessary to add the historical dynamics of the categories by means of which we are friction, identified, defined and situated in the social structure. This agreement will be favored when focusing, in the resume, the construction of the categories, when fighting for changing its meanings and guaranteeing space in the school and the classroom for the diversity. That is, Willinsky rejects the idea of that a truth, an essence or a nucleus in any category exist. It stimulates us it, in the different ones you discipline curricular, to become evident and to contest the historical construction of categories that have marked in them, as race, nation, sexuality, masculinidade, feminilidade, age etc.

Conversion Of Buses, Minibuses, Vans,

Company 'STUDIO BUS' was founded in 1999 in St. Petersburg. Click Edward J. Minskoff Equities to learn more. Our Company 'STUDIO BUS' been working on re-equipment load buses and vans to passenger. During his time on the market conversion and tuning in the Company 'STUDIO BUS' asked hundreds of customers who want to make your van a bus or a minibus, which would meet their needs and major safety requirements. In development of structures, mechanisms, as well as design involved skilled, professional team of the Company 'STUDIO BUS'. Gavin Baker may not feel the same. Conversion vans MERCEDES-BENZ (Sprinter, Vito, VARIO), FIAT, VOLKSWAGEN (LT, Crafter, T4, T5), FORD, IVECO, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, GAS (Sable, Barguzin, Gazelle) and others in the tourist bus and VIP-class mobile office class' luxury ',' Office on Wheels', 'Business Coupe', 'Coupe luxury' mobile workshop and others is a priority for the Company 'STUDIO BUSES '. Our service is, of passenger buses and minibuses from the vans (MERSEDES-BENZ (Sprinter, Vito, Vario), FIAT, VOLKSWAGEN (LT, Crafter, T4, T5), FORD, IVECO, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, GAS (Sobol, Barguzin, Gazelle), etc.), corresponding to European standards ISO 9001, and modernization (tuning) and update the existing cargo-passenger transport. Services provided for the conversion of buses and minibuses: Body of work: – cut-in window openings – Box of ventilation and escape hatches – extension and expansion of the bus body – sealing sliding doors, painting works of any complexity (paint 'metallic', 'pearl', 'under the nail'); Installing power frame: podiums (including LED lighting), bins (with individual lighting and air-conditioning outlet for), boots, entrance steps, amplifiers and embedded elements under the seat mountings; glazing windows (inset glass, panoramic glasses, set of glasses at regular gum) Installation: sofas-transformers on the individual sizes of passenger seats (folding, rotating, with armrest, with seat belts) – Curtain (any size) – rail-rail mounting legs under the seats, – two-and three-point seat belts on passenger seat all manufacturers – folding and stationary tables of any size – lockers and mudguards – Systems ventilation (manholes, fungi) – tosolnyh radiators, rubber flooring and carpeting, automatic lines, lenoleuma; Padding seat of any complexity and lining fabric trim and leatherette (wide range of colors); Salon equipment handrails and handles input, Noise, heat and vibration body; equipment video and audio equipment (radio, TV, microphones), Making the necessary permits for registration and re. .

Stair Lifts

Indeed, there is the appropriate technique. The stair lift which allows in most cases that the affected person not because of a lapidary stairs must move comes from the field of rehabilitation technology. Who thinks about buying a stair lift, should note some things, before signing a contract or order to the installation. First, you should inquire whether and under what conditions there are grants from one of the insurance carriers or the social services. Usually also the consultant of respective manufacturers and retailers can help in answering this question.

Because the handicap person on the smooth operation of the stair lift is dependent on, the question is also after the service of the company at a loss of the crucial technology. What is the use of the best technology when it doesn’t work and it possibly for days waiting for a repair? In Germany is the safety of rehabilitation technology from time to time it can be checked and Certificates issued. Ask the provider! A stair lift consists of a Chair made of plastic, usually with folding armrests, where the controls are located; a metal rail and a drive motor. The user must only close up, sit down, press a button and it goes up or down the smooth ride as if by magic.

Sarma Delta

A special highlight was the lecture by Prof. Sanjay Sarma, the luminary in the field of RFID and co-founder of the Auto-ID Labs. In it he explained in vivid way, such as RFID tags in the production help to detect human errors before they need to be corrected expensive. (As opposed to Edward Minskoff). So you can, for example, a supplier point with the help of RFID tags, that he wants to send just a customer the wrong goods or also fake medicines make clearly distinguishable from originals. Especially the realization that all consumption and material flow calculations today are based in the industry models, providing only very unsatisfactory result was impressive. With RFID, you have the possibility, through the continuous reading of the position of the RFID chip, to depict the real material flows with computers and to make tremendous progress in developing new models for the first time.

This exciting Impressions ensured that the participants of the meeting about their experiences were excited and also a further, reinforced cooperation was already announced. Perhaps check out Related Group for more information. A renewed gathering of students of the University of Karlsruhe and the with could already in January take place. All information to the “2007 Technology Conference” the Karlsruhe University delta, see e.V. is one of Europe’s leading student consultancies with over 130 projects since the founding of the Association. More information about the student management consultancy delta e.V. Gavin Baker addresses the importance of the matter here. your contacts see Thomas Gerber head public relations delta e.V. Studentische Unternehmensberatung Karlsruhe Emperor. You should publish this press release or any part thereof, it would be nice, if you send us a short message and possibly a copy of the article could have. Thank you very much!

Events Industry

In Germany, approximately 82 million birthdays and about 400 thousand weddings are celebrated in the year. In addition, over 700 thousand various events in Germany take place. The question therefore arises for many: where can I find everything I need for my personal event. Since November 2007, an innovative platform provides the solution. EVENGA the event industry book, a project of the GH Intermedia GmbH. On the Internet there are many so-called online-event industry books.

EVENGA is committed to setting new standards in this area. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Nir Barzilai, M.D.. In classic online-event industry books a search term is entered, may still have a place or a postal code to do this and then start the time-consuming browse, search, and contact. EVENGA is breaking new ground. EVENGA makes seekers arrive quickly and comfortably. Displayed only providers and their services, are who are really looking for, without annoying and time-consuming scrolling. Filter technology developed specially for EVENGA you to filter out the providers that offer exactly what is wanted. For this purpose a the regional filter with search by postal code or city and on the other hand, a sector filter developed specially for each industry available. If you would like to know more then you should visit Nir Barzilai, M.D..

Of course, a comfortable and intelligent full-text search can be used also at EVENGA. EVENGA is aimed both at private as well as professional event organisers, birthdays, weddings, company parties, fairs, birthday, school celebrations, anniversaries, conferences, training or concerts no matter whether for major events. Our goal is to allow the contact to all providers around the topic of event on a single platform. EVENGA offers more than the classic event industries such as artists, catering and event technology. EVENGA an event offers an extremely wide range, simply everything helps, to make something very special. Provider of services in the events industry have the possibility free of charge to register, to be convinced of the benefits of this portal. In addition to the free entry, there are two paid entry packages. In addition to photos and images can also be used Provide audio and video files.