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What is Pilates Pilates is a method that suggests another way to perform muscular work of strength-endurance, muscle and joint flexibility and postural control, is a very intense and effective, with a different environment to become accustomed, rather than be accompanied by music and generally moved higher, while the instructor shouting instructions, uses a completely different work environment, relaxed atmosphere that allows direct communication between the student and the instructor, all with soft music and pleasant to the ear and spirit. In short, look for a comprehensive work of the mind, body and spirit body is a very comprehensive education in which the body works as a whole, from top to bottom muscle, and the equally involved and in keeping the mind and body.Has been defined as Pilates, Yoga West. Its principles are: 1. Physical control (to avoid injuries). 2. Accuracy (derived from the control). 3. Flexibility (any move must be rigid). 4. Fluency (neither too fast nor too slow). 5. Respiration (coordinated with the exercises). 6. Mental Control (the mind is indivisible from the body). The Pilates method is recommended for sick people who can not do other exercise and the elderly.