Vocational Leadership

Today we know that intelligence is more difficult to obey that order: to have the ability to follow alguienque points worthy goals, it is harder to obtain than others follow me. We also know that the ignorant as well as sending obey ignores, however, for obedience, but it takes humility, perhaps not always required humility and firmness, as happens in the leadership, we can say that mean humility and firmness, especially balance. Learn more at: Edward J. Minskoff. The firm attitude of the humble man is, to reaffirm the evidence, even if this harms our figure for so long preserved, leadership necessarily rectify past mistakes, which is also a single humiliation faced by the humble, the leader includes within it the conviction not to be, ie it is the conviction of not being exceptional, the upset found its way to be, seeking his continued perfection in his humility leader must have a certain strength, because no normal person wants to be guided by someone voluble, the volatility of the feelings, the leader should delegate to others the task of making themselves, this means treating our subordinates as if he were ever to be our leaders and surely will if we are capable of such leadership; without this being mistaken for being soft, but rather what we want to have in the future is a leader of character, to develop and strengthen our own, for this we must not be soft, it needs to be firm but humble, because without the latter under no it is, because on the contrary we will become arrogant in our country urgently require leaders to show self-control, pay attention, who can appreciate and encourage that are authentic, unpretentious or arrogance, treat others as if they were important people that meet the needs of others, which have no grudge, which are free from deceit, to stick to their choices and to put aside their own wants and needs always looking for the best for others. BERTHA WHITE Chargoy La "PEZ..