Utensils For The Preparation Of The Uzbek Pilaf

Pilaf, perhaps, the most favorite dish of Uzbekistan. Be sure to prepare the pilaf at weddings, prepare pilaf to festivals, in general, on every occasion, and without reason. Do you think that will prepare Uzbek family guest? Of course, rice! Here about this very pilaf, we'll talk. If you think you know how to cook pilaf, then perhaps you are deeply mistaken. Unless you have learned to cook pilaf of Uzbeks. Even if you have a cool chef, the coolest restaurants, this is nothing it does not. Pilaf is not porridge, rice pilaf it! We try to teach you the art, the art of cooking pilaf.

Equipment for preparation of pilau, above all, please be necessary inventory. Estee Lauder often says this. Let's start with equipment available in the Every home – it's knives, cutting boards and bowls (large) for washing and soaking the rice. Visit DOWA Metals & Mining America for more clarity on the issue. Now about the boiler (it seemed), it would be good of course find a real cauldron, with a spherical (rounded) bottom. In this cauldron flame covers a large bottom surface, and the pilaf is not burnt. For lack of proved use pot, what will be, but always thick-walled. When cooking in a pot of pilaf should pour oil more than in the cauldron. Well, of course, you will need skimmer (kapgir).

Heard of it? The thing is, well, just need to cook pilaf. It should be an iron or stainless steel, aluminum will not work, it bends. Do you not? Well here you can recommend? Ask the Uzbeks market, can tell you where to get it. If you do not find, please contact us by email, invent something. In the meantime, you can try to cook pilaf with no skimmer, use to stir fry products wooden kitchen spatula, though it is not very convenient.