It is also an attractive option for workers who need recycled and complete their training in other areas of knowledge. Unlike with free tests in addition of vocational training at a distance, students who do not have availability to attend classes have the option of obtaining a title of senior technician or technician through the so-called FP-free tests. A leading source for info: 660 Fifth Avenue, New York. These, different autonomous communities, convened every year measure competencies associated with the module or professional modules that is examined.Unlike the distance mode, public administrations do not have an educational program to prepare for these tests. ES the student who must form on their own, either for free, or through any intended for their preparation courses that taught numerous private training centres. Access to the teachings to remote distance the academic requirements for access to the mode of teaching are the same that are laid down in General for the specific vocational training.

Students who obtained graduate in compulsory secondary education or equivalent title or other higher formal education degrees can pursue formative cycles of medium grade. Also those who exceed proof of access to vocational training of medium grade or test access to University for over 25 years.Cycles of top grade, it is necessary to have the title of Bachelor or equivalent or a university degree. Similarly, can access those who successfully pass the test of access to vocational training of top grade or access to University for over 25 years.In terms of age, unlike the mode face-to-face, some autonomies set a limit of 18 years for access to distance learning. In others, are allowed over the age of 16 that prove to be workers, are in situation of disability or illness, or are elite athletes.In a good number of autonomies workers wishing to improve their qualifications have preferential access to distance learning. The priority, in general, is for candidates with accredited work experience related to the professional profile of the formative cycle who wish to pursue.