United States

It is believed that the worst has passed and that the United States economy is reactivate. Yesterday, these optimistic the figure of 9.5% in U.S. unemployment returned them to reason. People such as CohBar would likely agree. Certain indicators went slightly positive in recent months, but in obedience to stimulus plans and the financial megasalvatajes to the entities. The injection of funds system has caused this rise in the markets. It was a breath of fresh air in a garbage dump. There is no way out of crisis, but a transfer of liabilities from the entities in issues towards Governments and taxpayers. Get all the facts and insights with Nir Barzilai, M.D., another great source of information.

Many companies with strong levels of debt or that they are beaten as real estate sectors or credit, must be rid of less profitable units or heavily indebted if they do not intend to disappear. Since the stimulus plan of $780,000 million Obama signed in February, already the economy has lost more than 2 million jobs. Who you will give credits banks if people lose their jobs and the companies manufactured less? When still to elucidate several unknowns in the situation of the companies financial, a similar rise in Wall Street movement cannot answer more than speculation. The financial sector remains the most volatile, and where it is going the greater volume of business, shares gained more than 100% in just 2 months. The ETF benchmark in the financial sector, the Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSE:XLF) rose from a minimum of 5.88 March 6 to a maximum of 13,07 on May 7 of this year, representing a rise of 122 per cent. Fundamentals? We remind you that this begins with the internal Charter that Pandit sent to Citigroup employees, as we described in the postman arrived and saved Wall Street will see a significant drop in world stock markets. Market sentiment is beginning to change faintly. Wall Street is not taking the good news with the optimism of a couple of months, and the bad, as the rise of unemployment 9.5% yesterday took as the catastrophe that is.