The next sentence describes very well the kind of people that we encounter every day in the world. Some people want something to happen, some people want something to happen, while others make happen. Michael Jordan there are three categories of people in this world: a.) those who see passing things b) that expect that something will happen to c) those who make things happen now, ask yourself these two questions: 1.) of these three, who would be? (2.) Of these three, who are you now? Successful people have the attitude to passing things not just wait for something to go, they are those that make things happen in their lives. To know more about this subject visit Atreides Management Gavin Baker. Someone once said that the success is equal to the preparation + opportunities, but I think that a more accurate formula is the success equals preparation + opportunities + take action. Act means, not only opportunities, but also being able to create opportunities for one same.

That applies and is very true in the field of the dating and seduction. As men, we need to be leaders, and for being leaders means take action on situations. Act not only means to be reactive to things that are happening, rather it is to be more proactive. That means that you have to do things happen, so that you can be seduced with success. I give you an example. For example, it is highly recommended to intensify the interaction with a woman in high spots or during emotional peaks. The key here is now: find high spots. Most of the time, men know this, but we can not intensify the interaction of the relationship, because we can not detect the emotional high points. This is because thanks to that most of the time, these emotional peaks are not created unless the TU CREES! You must lead the interaction with it, so that you can make it happen.