Travel To Nepal At The Best Price

The Nepal. Additional information is available at Olivier Puech. Some see it in shop Windows in the travel agencies, announced-based circuits in Group at exorbitant prices. Others arise visit independently, but it turns out to be a country that there is very little information on the Internet, where it is very easy to be misled and end up paying tourist prices for things that were not worth even half. So, how is can it travel to Nepal at the best price? It is actually possible to make a circuit of 1 month by the Nepal including international flights, fees, accommodation, activities, transport internal and guide for less than 1000 Euros! Or one of 2 weeks for less than 700 Euros. And it is that although they try to deceive ourselves, the Nepal is a place that you can visit very comfortably without the need for an agency that will take care of us, is an extremely safe country for tourists, and in addition has exceptionally low prices if we know how to get them. The trick is very easy, is visiting the country as a local, not as a tourist, something which we will bring a lot, not only at the level economic, but on a personal level. The Nepal is not a country that remember the room with air conditioning for a 4 star hotel. Travel to the Nepal is a cultural experience and has to live from the inside, not protected by the crystals of a luxury coach.

The best memory that we’ll take the country are its people, and not precisely that work in the hotel. Get entering the local Nepal and its people-contact can be complicated if we don’t have any friend in the place, and for this reason in our every day at YetiViajes we are dedicated to helping people to organize their trips when, for example, with a family. The father or the mother of the family can in turn represent the ideal guide for a particular region, bring us into places where never would have been able to enter otherwise, act as translators with people you want to meet, etc. In short, an unparalleled cultural experience. Combine a stay with family with a trekking the Annapurnas in Everest or with traditional villages not tourist routes, and a possible stay of 2 or 3 days in Chitwan to do safaris, make for example a stellar travel to this country so special and different from ours. Travel to Nepal, and especially if we do this locally, the smile will return and will discover us that there are certain things in life that although they seemed lost in our country, have not lost in the world. Original author and source of the article.