The Use

Before any step it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface to remove any trace of grease, oil or other similar product that could prevent proper adhesion of subsequent layers. We will use very light special cleaning solvents.Although its use is not usual in repairs to the use, it is recommended that restorations apply on surfaces in veneer view fosfatante primer, which protects the sheet metal from corrosion attacks for their special characteristics.It is an expensive product, although its extraordinary results justify this added cost. Small surfaces you can apply with brush; Although if your application is going to do over a large surface, for example a totally stripped bodywork, it is preferable to use a spray gun to pressure like that you will use for lacquer. He is achieved in this way a more uniform finish and enhance penetration in difficult corners. This surface does not need to be sanded.A second coat of primer You will need to create a smooth and homogeneous surface suitable to receive lacquer colored trim. The essential features that should offer a good primer are: high capacity of coverage, ease of sanding and finishing homogeneity. To obtain a thick and resistant paint finish, a primer of high thickness is recommended (more expensive since it tends to need a catalyst special for your application). The primer must be pulled using a spray gun and an air compressor.We can use the same gun with which we’ll throw painting, although it might be necessary to use a step nozzle more bandwidth (especially if we use a very dense product).Once you have received the primer, body is prepared to wait for the moment that you want to apply the paint, safeguarded against foreign agents and corrosion attack. The resulting surface must be sanded with sanding very thin until surface is smooth and refined, soft to the touch and free of imperfections and porosities.Small defects that may appear before the painting can be corrected with the use of a special thin pasta, to apply with spatula, which do not require a catalyst.