The PrintoLUX

That different materials to the gluing or screwing on can be printed, the user in addition information. To many customers and usage examples, PrintoLUX can practically document these benefits. Not an isolated case: A company in the automotive industry engraved 800 cable signs in-house so far per day with a worker. The company today daily produced with two PrintoLUX -basic printing systems and the personnel 6,000 aluminum cable signs. Also the traditional suppliers of markings and signs will benefit from the investment in an PrintoLUX system. By the advantages in terms of quality, consistency and production costs of thermosetting digital printing compared to conventional methods proven in many tests and system comparisons engravers and screen printers create significant competitive advantage with PrintoLUX : you can offer their customers a better quality at identical prices or now independently handle previously purchased services (color!). This range often invest in the smallest PrintoLUX unit, the PrintoLUX for 3,540.

An investment that quickly pays for itself. In screen printing, PrintoLUX is highly interesting, if smaller pads or single pieces shall be produced economically. The new method uses commercially available printer works, specially developed, thermosetting ink PrintoLUX certified carrier materials as well as various large Heat units, in which the prints are thermally cured. By a corresponding standard software, users can set the desired formats, prints, colors and quantities. The printing systems are available from the mobile base unit to the large system FB-140 in four variants.

The different versions follow the necessary situations of their users: the smallest unit is used often on Mondays. She has an active pressure area of 145 x 250 mm and printed materials up to a thickness of 2.0 mm.