The Heavy

Therefore, for each player there is a kind of best tennis rackets in terms of swing you have. The parameters that determine it are: Weight : a the more weight you have tennis rackets, more precise force to move them, and therefore a longer swing. The heavy tennis racquets generate more power, provide greater directional control and transmit less vibration. However, in return, are less manageable. To effective all the advantages of greater weight in the tennis racquets, the key will be to maintain the speed and extent of the swing but increases the weight of the racket. Sieve (head size): A is the surface area of scrimmage. In tennis rackets ranging from 600 cm2 / 90 in2 to 780 cm2 / 122 in2.

a racquets with a larger area also have a wider sweet spot so allow a greater number of mistakes. In addition, the tennis racket with a larger frame size, have longer cords that provide a smooth kicking surface and that stretch more. This also provides greater power in the beating. However, a larger hitting surface in tennis rackets can adversely affect control. Length : a usual length of tennis rackets is 68.5 cm. A longer length gives greater angular velocity at the impact site and this gives the ball more power as long as we keep the same swing speed with a shorter racket. If we are unable to keep the same swing speed, the racket head will travel more slowly and after impact, the ball will go slower.