The contents offered on an online platform providing a largely time – and place-independent study. The most important quality objective of the MASTER’s programme: ONLINE Bauphysik is the professional success of graduates and graduates, Dr. Roman expresses gods, Director of the Fraunhofer Academy. Using regular surveys of students, graduates and graduates, as well as by their employer continuously checks the quality of the programme and optimize the teaching. The content is constantly updated and adapted to the latest state of knowledge. After his start in the winter semester 2007/2008 the programme was already short MASTER: ONLINE Bauphysik in the nationwide innovation contest land of ideas for its future viability as a selected landmark 2008 “award. For more information see de/energie_nachhaltigkeit/bauphysik.html more training in energy & sustainability the course MASTER: ONLINE Bauphysik is one of four part-time courses of the Fraunhofer Academy in the field of energy and sustainability. Also, the range in this area included the master online photovoltaics, the online master wind energy systems “as well as the interdisciplinary correspondence course in environmental sciences infernum.

Through these courses, as well as generally to the multidisciplinary professional further training provided by the Fraunhofer Academy interested can check in Hall C2, 131 on the construction of 2013 in Munich. The Fraunhofer Academy for more information see Fraunhofer Academy unites the training opportunities of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft under one roof. Latest findings of science and research directly incorporated into the syllabus. This guarantees a unique knowledge transfer from Fraunhofer research in the company. The in-service courses, certificate courses and seminars of the Fraunhofer Academy is aimed at experts and executives. They are based on the research activities Fraunhofer-Institute in cooperation with selected and renowned partner universities and partner institutions. Further information under Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft-the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates more than 80 research institutions, of which 60 institutions in Germany. More than 20,000 employees and staff, predominantly with natural or engineering and scientific education, edit the annual research budget of 1.8 billion euros.

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