The Federal Government

' Reality of books didticos' ' The Federal Government proclaims the benefits of the distribution of didactic books for Basic and Average Ensino of the Country. Between them balela is the choice of books for the professors of the Educacionais.Pura Units. The professors choose, yes, but amongst the authors chosen for the intellectuals of the Ministry of the Education and or State secretaries of the Education. A prospect with sets of ten of authors is sent to the Units between which the school must choose what it apraz. As it walks the Education at the moment, this is one of the great bobagens that the Ministry comes making with this distribution. So that it has value would have to be made this choice since the beginning of the escolaridade of the children, followed with criterion for professors and pupils. Ours to see, these books in the majority of the schools have little usefulness for aprendizagem.vejamos the reason.

In the fifth series of the sixth year, the majority of the children does not follow the content of these books, therefore they are still learning to read and to write. Not I mention myself to the quality of books, not. I mention incapacity to it of the children in reading and to interpret the contents that are destined to the series and the majority of them does not follow. With sadness we saw the children in some lessons with that thick book, pretty, on the wallet, copying tiring that kilometric text, with difficult questions to decide, for the agreement of them, the professor seated to the wait of some questioning that does not appear, therefore the children do not understand what they are mere copying to fill the time! In my lessons, much little I used myself of these wonders! It previously chose the texts that more if approached to the agreement of the children, made the reading, raised the vocabulary, interpreted, reread e, then, together, we tried to surpass the ideas inside, rewriting the text of the lingusticos standards, observing the grammatical aspects.