The Deputies

What are the real reasons behind growing metropolitan real estate prices? The first and the main reason affecting the price rise has been and remains a weak legal framework and total inactivity of the state as the main party of the construction market. To this day, and there is no clear and transparent mechanisms that would allow all market participants play by the "same rules". Miscellaneous starting conditions, which turn out to developers, from the moment the selection of the construction site until the approval of the project and obtain permission for the construction works, leaving only one the name of the construction market, completely emasculating the economic content of the concept. Separate component of price increases is the progressive corruption of deputies of local governments and officials land offices. It's no secret that most of the construction sites, real estate sale is the representatives of the deputies or their relatives.

Often the plots are assigned to hastily registered limited liability company, which later themselves become objects of sale, and are often sold plots generally unsuitable for any construction. Its "Contribution" to universal fanning hysteria is making a huge number of amateur and often ignorant comments, which significantly affect the overall psychological state of the purchaser, warming at the same time So difficult situation. These "experts" most of his predictions and opinions, because of lack of arguments to build only on analogies with the near abroad, the examples of price changes in recent years, sometimes leading it to some fantastic influx of visitors to the capital of the homeless millionaires from the eastern regions, and so on.