The Course

In order not to feel uncomfortable, say something neutral, like "Your face seems familiar to me." Can something more provocative and showing your attention, but try not to express assertiveness. The conversation – half the job done. Just do not show him from the first seconds that it awfully nice to you, it's nothing to anything. Let the man talk is, as you skillfully direct the course of her questions, so communication is not interrupted. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has plenty of information regarding this issue. In general, listen to inner voice. In this situation, it is possible to run into a guy who does not want to play by your rules, and therefore more confidence in yourself! In the end, what you lose if familiarity does not take place? Nothing but the fear of socializing with strangers! And before you make any efforts to try to assess perspective. A visual assessment will not do much, but something you still consider. For example, if you see a wedding ring, it is not worth starting.

Look for the other candidate … B How interested? / B Suppose you are invited girl on a date. Or create a situation where the two of you. There is a moment when you realize that it is necessary to say something, but what you do not know. Because the school does not teach this, and usually at home, too. For a start, fast figure out what you already know about this girl. If you know her for a long time – the situation is simpler. Just think what it might be interesting for a living – and ask her opinion about it.