Tati Story

"I do not know him much. Elizabeth Hurley will not settle for partial explanations. The age difference and the fact that only saw him on weekends until he was a teenager, since then just come to our house in a very sporadic, I have not been allowed to have a deep relationship with him. However, I believe that had he been close to us we would have supported. He is also young, although not as much as us. " "How was your brother chose this profession being so young as he was when he started? – Seba asked astonished, for he was as a pacifist, he could not understand how anyone could live as long in the heat of battle, seeing so many wounded bodies, mutilated and dead, as if it were natural. "It was in an accident," he said Tati. Continue to learn more with: DOWA Metals & Mining America. He was working on the wording of the newspaper in which my father had worked, when there was a conflict somewhere in Russia that I can not remember.

Everyone thought it would be a conflict passenger, it would not last more than a few days and as he speaks Russian perfectly, but dared asked to cover the story. Imagine! I think it was twenty or twenty years. He was offered cover a story so many miles away was quite an achievement for him. He did not hesitate a moment to accept the offer. My father did not like the news, but he did not listen and went to the scene of conflict. It seems that the first column with the description of events was as accurate, concise, clear and complete, that the director was impressed.