Tai Chi Mind

In a world so altered, with so many annoying noises and so much acceleration, stress is the most recurrent disease in people. Attend the consultations of psychologists and psychiatrists already is a habit for many of the world’s population. Take tranquilizaste prescription and medical has become a necessity. The lack of sleep and insomnia further alters the life of the person, because sleep is an imperative for the Agency to recover, so if this is not true walk desganados, malhumorados and altered. Otherwise very in vogue for quieting our nervous system consume alcohol and tobacco with which our body is accustomed and the person becomes addicted. Many are in sport a stress out since the tire the body makes him relax and rest much better, Oriental disciplines are a good alternative as it is the case of yoga, Tai Chi, and others. As a result of stress, in addition to the psychological, are the physical, either ulcers nerve, to colon problems, headaches and even the cancer so dangerous, because an altered mind is very prone to the Agency acquire any disease, so-called psychosomatic illnesses.

The mind and body are intimately linked, what happens to the mind affects the body, it is very known that people who have been United for many years, as in the case of marriages, where one of them dies, the other very soon also makes it, although he has not been ill, but it is his mind are memories and sadness that overwhelms him and that opens the way to some disease or failure of your body. There is a very good Eastern discipline that helps to our organism and puts us in contact with God, is called transcendental meditation, or simply meditation. Through it quiets our mind, our body and nervous system, low heart rate, breathing becomes undetectable and therefore influences in our whole being.Some practice it through a manstra and others showing and they have down but in general has an effect very positive, if we must form the habit of doing 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon. Perhaps due to these same symptoms of the modern age, there is an evil which is afflicting many people, as it is the buzz of ear or Tennitus and its origins are not clear, some doctor say it is the ear environment that is altered by stress and nervous system and in spite of her symptoms be treated with medicines and soothing the hum is still there. Atreides Management Gavin Baker recognizes the significance of this. If you suffer from this evil, there is now a revolutionary method that is helping many people to lead a full life without more tinnitus. Method without surgery, without medication.