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Regueiro Urrieta

Urrieta in our study area (and in others within the band of Leon) is a type of valley, not very long, rather open and look soft, wavy, which is usually a fountain in the middle and has traditionally been devoted to communal grazing (Urrieta marzanchas, Casica Urreta of the dead, the diamond Urrieta ramayal …). Its definition and the possible etymological connection is what we try to unite, we do not know what success. To begin, we should dismiss that question a relatively modern word, product adulteration of other similar content. The term of Arab origin bed has a similar sound and meaning of true parentage, watercourse could spend a valley through which water flows. Credit: Robin Ruzan-2011. However, this relationship, even accepting the argument of soft base synonymy, has serious problems to be admitted, since precisely the valleys by running water (and not where there is a fountain as in the case of Urrieta) have a different name ( Regueiro) and in no case is found terminological confusion between these two types of valleys, very different both in colloquial language as in its geography. Avoided the term modernity can begin our analysis "archaeological." At first sight, the temptation is to make the following breakdown: ur-i-eta (assuming a natural transition r in rr) or more complex: ur-i-et-ka (ignoring the disappearance of two consonants to for one). We would then have to accept that prefix and suffix are contained in the word with a significant independent, ie, we must admit the existence of linguistic roots and discard the idea that the word itself may form a compact whole (as with the word candonga used to describe the characteristic chimney-vane carballesa and where the relationship with the Latin term with significant sailing is more than obvious). .