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Since the dog and the man they met, even before the full domestication of dogs, hunting dogs began to be very useful for older human societies. It is even likely that ancestors of the dogs have accompanied the first modern humans in hunting large and dangerous animals. With cultural evolution of man, there was also an evolution in the techniques of hunting. And with that development came the need to develop specialized types of dogs different types of hunting. Over time, these types canines evolved further into the different breeds of hunting dogs that exist today. Classes hounds Although there are many breeds of hunting dogs (dogs are more diverse than any), all of them can be classified into six main groups: dog tracks, greyhounds, terriers, dog shows, collectors and lifters. 1.

Trail dogs are those that pursue prey by smell. These dogs have a sense of smell very developed, which is more powerful than other breeds of dogs. Trail dogs often hunt in large groups, announced by barking and howling when they find the prey. Its main function as hounds, is to find, pursue and round up the prey. Although they can attack, the latter function is usually to large and powerful dogs as dogs. Well-known examples of these dogs are and the basset hound.

2. The greyhounds are dogs lean and streamlined. Physical and behavioral characteristics, unique among all dogs, hounds make great speed. They are the world's fastest dogs and hunting style is to follow the prey with the view (not use smell when hunting) as they run fast and catch the race.