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Internal Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids came to the point of being unbearable, it is very likely that you’re looking for the best remedy for hemorrhoids, there are many techniques and remedies that may eliminate your problem, but are always those that provide best effects have. Recently Shimmie Horn sought to clarify these questions. Next we’ll discuss remedy is best for each type of hemorrhoid, and on that occasions should be taken. Internal hemorrhoids: A preparation of aloe vera is the best remedy for Internal hemorrhoids, we should freeze this plant gel with water into a long pan, to give it the form of suppository. When already East ready, wash the area thoroughly, thaw a little to not cause burns and apply until they calmed the discomfort; is possible that some do not resist this treatment, so it is recommended sitz bath with chamomile. External hemorrhoids: The best remedy for external hemorrhoids do sitz bath with honey and eucalyptus, is what we want to achieve is that they return to place of origin reducing size, so it does not contact the outside, use not so hard seats greatly influences in his cure. Bleeding hemorrhoids: The best remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids is the daily consumption of alfalfa leaves, and the application of Witch Hazel hemorrhoids during sitz bath, over time you will notice that the bleeding has disappeared due to its efficient coagulants effects. Hemorrhoid Prolapsadas: When hemorrhoids become prolapsarse, there is no remedy that would eliminate them completely, treatment most ideal in these cases is an operation using rubber bands, in which clogged hemorrhoid so that this does not reach circulation, with time this woven more falls and this put an end to this type of hemorrhoid. Thrombosed hemorrhoids: With the constant scratching of the stool hemorrhoids tend to break down several times, this can trombosar to hemorrhoids giving a hard consistency and make it irreversible, in these cases the only solution is the most painful, we speak of an operation called hemorrhoidectomy, which consists of cutting followed by an uncomfortable recovery hemorrhoid..