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Properties Resistance

Polycarbonate – a colorless transparent material with a softening point of 180-300 0 C (depending on the method of receipt) and a molecular weight of 50000-500000. Have high heat resistance – up to 153 0C. Heat-resistant grade (PC-HT), which are copolymers withstand temperatures up to 160-205 0C. It has high rigidity combined with very high resistance to shock effects, including at high and low temperature. Withstand cyclic temperature changes from -253 to +100 0C. Core brands have a high coefficient of friction. Recommended for exact details. It has high dimensional stability, negligible water absorption.

Non-toxic. Sterilized. It has excellent dielectric properties. Allows soldering contacts. It has good optical properties. Sensitive to residual stresses. Parts with high residual stress crack easily under the influence of petrol, oil. Requires good drying before processing.

Another feature of the polycarbonate is its high permeability to gases and vapors. When the required barrier properties (eg, lamination and application of decorative vinyl film medium and large thickness of 100 to 200 microns) to the surface of the polycarbonate previously applied a special coating. Polycarbonate has a high chemical resistance to most neinertnyh substances, which makes it possible to use it in hostile environments without changing its chemical composition and properties. These substances include mineral acids, even high concentrations of salt, saturated hydrocarbons and alcohols, including methanol. But one should also bear in mind that some chemicals have on the destructive effects of PC material (including polymers not many who steadfastly maintain contact with them). These substances are alkalis, amines, aldehydes, ketones and chlorinated hydrocarbons (methylene chloride is used for bonding polycarbonate). The material is partially soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and esters. Despite apparent resistance of polycarbonate to these chemical compounds at elevated temperatures and under tension the sheet material (bending, for example) they will act as treschinoobrazovateli. This phenomenon would entail a breach of the optical properties of polycarbonate. Moreover, the maximum cracking will occur in areas with the largest bending stresses. Polycarbonate honeycomb and solid – is unparalleled in mechanical properties of the currently used polymeric materials. It combines features such as high heat resistance, impact resistance and unique high transparency. Its properties depend little on changes in temperature and the critical temperature at which the material becomes brittle, are outside the range of possible adverse operating temperature.

Types Of Lighting Systems Of Modern Microscopes

Lighting systems are divided into groups depending on the type of light source, as well as design decisions and the principle of the location of the light source relative to the optical axis of the microscope. Development of light microscopes gone through several stages, with an important role in this was played by the light sources and lighting systems. Other leaders such as Kenneth E. Boulding offer similar insights. Light source, whether it’s the sun, incandescent, halogen, mercury or xenon, performs a basic function – it Light microscopic examination of the object so that the accuracy of his reproduction of optical elements of the microscope to image the shape, resolution and color was the highest. Terms of the performance of this functions associated with both the optical parameters and electric parameters of the artificial source.

Overall size and increase the lighting system (the collector optics parts and condenser) are connected to form a shape and size of the thread. The same can be said about the source itself, the power and the dimensions of which affect the parameters and dimensions of the power supply lamp. It should be noted that all this has an impact on the size and design of the microscope. The uniformity of illumination and brightness in the field of view microscope is determined by the uniformity of illumination of the object in the object plane and the uniformity and completeness of filling the plane Exit pupil image of a micro filament lamp. For mainstreamed geometrical parameters of lamps used in microscopes, are the height of the light center and the size of the source of light. To obtain a sufficiently bright and uniformly illuminated field of the microscope illumination system and light source must provide the following electrical parameters: – the luminous flux in the object plane, – luminous flux falling onto the retina or film – lighting – maximum intensity – brightness, spectral component. To ensure the above parameters of light, when buying microscopes foreign and domestic production in mostly to be preferred microscopes with built-in halogen lamps.

Maintenance Management

INTRODUCTION the present article has as objective to inside inform the professionals of the industrial area on the gradual importance of the area of PCM of the history of the evolution of the system of Management of Maintenance. DESCRIPTION OF the MAINTENANCE AND the PCM When the man started to handle instruments and to develop the machines for the production of consumption good the maintenance was emerging from the moment where new necessities were created. It folloied the evolution technician-industrial of the humanity and if she developed as the changes in the market profile. In the end of century XIX, with the mechanization of the industries, the necessity appeared of the first repairs and up to 1914, the Maintenance was renegada as the plain one being executed for the same effective of operation. Others who may share this opinion include Edward Lazear. With the implantation of the production in series, instituted for Ford, the plants had started to establish minimum programs of production and, in consequence, they had felt necessity to create teams that could effect repairs in operatrizes machines in the lesser possible time.

Thus an agency subordinated to the operation appeared, whose basic objective age of execution of the Corrective Maintenance. After World War II increased significantly the necessity for trustworthy a more agile production and at the same time; the corrective interventions, that one that after occurs the imperfection or in addition the asset, were not enougher. In a question-answer forum Capital and Counties Properties was the first to reply. The preventive maintenance not only appeared to correct the imperfections, but also to prevent them, the Maintenance became so important how much the Operation. After the decade of 50, appeared a great evolution in commercial aviation and the electronic industry. With the preventive based on the statistics (time or worked hours), it was observed that the time expense to diagnosis the imperfections was bigger of what of execution of the repair. The high administration, then, decided to select teams of specialists to compose an advising agency, that if it called ' ' Engineering of Manuteno' ' , receiving the incubencies to plan and to control the preventive maintenance and to analyze causes and effect you damage of them.

Housing System

Energy conservation in new and old homes. In recent years, energy conservation – the main topic of conversation, but most people think that this applies only to industrial giants, and a spacious office buildings. For what it is ordinary residents of apartment buildings? If you look at this situation from another angle, it becomes clear that the area housing – an area where electricity consumption is very high, so the energy-saving technologies should be primarily used here. Lancome addresses the importance of the matter here. Today the problem of saving energy in Russia is very serious: Burst crisis will affect costs, and most residents once again will have to live with austerity, paying huge bills like here to recall not saving and the potential savings? To ensure the operation of appliances in a standard high-rise building spent about 1 / 3 of electricity consumed, the rest of goes to heating and hot water. During the construction of new homes energy-saving technologies used in the past few years. Heating system attached particular importance: to save the heat on the order of heavier than to reduce the cost of lighting, so the main effort of designers and builders are intended to make the apartment warm. Increased insulation apartment allows you to set is not as powerful equipment for heating the house. In this case it is possible to mount the battery smaller and change the operation of the heating system as a whole. Depending on the type of heating system you need to consider building insulation inside or outside.


This is the best historic moment for a life with purpose that you drive to the fullness. As I told you in the previous articles, it is essential that you know what is your goal in life, that’s why I’ve written this article for those who have not discovered yet his true passion. For those who have already identified what is his passion, but still have fear of living a life with purpose, please continue reading. Find me it impressive to find me in everyday life, and during my sessions that most of the people is not happy in fullness. Further details can be found at CohBar, an internet resource. When I question them about if are fully happy normally get for answers: sometimes, not always, more or less, if but something missing, etc. But for those who know of theories of systems and human behavior, we know that one part affects the whole, and if there is one aspect that is still difficult to gnaw on the individual, his whole life is affected and the person is not consequently living in fullness. This is the manifestation of that they are not living a life with purpose, they are not following your intuition or the passion of his being.

Most of the people is adrift being influenced by the media of communication, consumerism, environment, news, economic crises, his work, etc. People is conditioned to sell their time and deliver years of vital energy for someone more in exchange for a salary, which in the majority of cases, not reward the effort given by the work. The most common is that people will ask, what opportunities will there be for me?, which takes me back to visualize a scene where a group of predators feed on freshly hunted prey, and all around it hoping to get a piece or seize it. Is true that the human being is technically an animal, but we have developed much more skills than the rest of the animal Kingdom to follow us behaving in the most instinctive levels. .