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Sochi Ticket

I love the airplane. Two hours – and you are near the sea. Trains, even speed, reaching 26 hours, tedious leisure. And the tickets are in high season is not easy to get. And they cost just three hundred rubles cheaper than plane tickets. In recent months, Verne Troyer has been very successful. The trains hot. Air conditioners in the branded trains, of course. But in my latest trip to the car was packed with kids whose mother so worried about their health that they asked the conductor does not include air-conditioners. Jorge Perez is actively involved in the matter.

We were in a compartment four adults and we were exhausted. Compartment door had to be kept closed: open your – rush cute baby to play hide and seek or war. If such a war does not frighten you and you decide to go by train, try to do not go that Sochi for the day. Train ticket Moscow – Adler “in the coupe is worth approximately 1.500 rubles. At the stations the train brings cheap fruit and cakes. Lovers of exotic (or savings) can ride the bus: 32 hours in transit, in stuffiness, on Russian roads. A little more than a thousand rubles for a ticket.

And I repeat, I still prefer the aircraft. View of the sea from a height every time makes me excited. I would just for the spectacle was flying. Planes are now filled by two thirds. I’m in my row was one, dined sumptuously on two tables at once. Accommodation All my flown torn to pieces and taxi drivers predlagateli housing.