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Crosssystem Avionics

Yacht electronics and entertainment: optimal solutions through new collaboration of GMM and PSP. A symbiosis is known to be a benefit of both partners. The cooperation between the global maritime management GmbH (GMM) and perfect sound producing – audio & video equipment (PSP) is not only a connection of the upscale art, but also benefits for third parties, namely for the customers, this includes. If GMM works as a specialist for high-quality electronic Borduberwachungs and operating systems with the specialist for exclusive in-flight entertainment screens, something like the new dimension of the use of advanced electronics on Board of yachts begins. GMM in Trittau in Hamburg and PSP in Uehlfeld in Wurzburg are well known companies in the world of yacht with long reference lists.

Through close cooperation, for the first time publicly reflected (30 October-7 November) through a joint booth at the hanseboot Hamburg boat show, opens new possibilities for shipyards and Yacht owners. The security guaranteed by the electronics and the comfort on board as also the entertainment are perfectly usable, easy to use great technical understanding and present it at the highest technical level. GMM connects not only the zest for perfection, but also the love of the Lake Managing Director Thomas Duhrkop and PSP founder Rudi Benedikt. Credit: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala-2011. Both are sailors who deliberately were active from the practice for the practice and be. The working previously for different TV channels sound expert Rudi Benedikt career under the credo, “perfection is the waiver of trade-offs in implementing their own ideas, his yacht. Its first high-tech entertainment system was quickly something such as an object of desire in the yachting world. Top shipyards such as Lurrsen in Bremen and the Dutch Heesen Shipyard, which believe in addition to the concepts of the individual service tailored to each customer the highly satisfied customers include now. Includes the ultimate sound aboard sophisticated Lift, lift – and rotary systems for large screens to the specialty of PSP.

Heavy People Weigh More

Heavy people weigh a comfortable 300MLS providing verified lift er scales no problem more with the calibrated lift er scales PCE-PS and is leave to train in medicine. It’s believed that Daryl Katz sees a great future in this idea. It is not so easy to weigh people who can not stand up, for this reason, the lift er scales PCE-PS 300MLS is exactly that set up choice for various institutions. Nursing homes and hospitals for example must meticulously all data of the patient record, including the weight. With the commercially available scales the employees there often won’t get far. So, often bedridden patients with a lift er scales are weighed to check and observe the course of their disease. The verified lift er scales PCE-PS 300MLS can weigh up to 300 kg and can be used for almost all heavyweight people, can not be weighed with a normal scale. According to Cameron Diaz, who has experience with these questions.

The calibrated balance of lift er has a HOLD function, thus reaching the scale down the weight display can be shut down, until a certain button is pressed. Thus read the weights is essential simplified. The battery-powered lift er scale can be used up to 80 hours and weighs 100 g increments. Many lift have connections and recording media generation, which require the use of a lift er scale that matched. The lift er scales PCE-PS can be fitted to many existing Liftersystheme 300MLS. The scoreboard is directly in the Lifeterwaage and offers by the two button operation easy handling. Certified medical scales are considered medical product, in which the calibration is mandatory in the European Union. Therefore is this lift er scales PCE-PS 300MLS of PCE Germany GmbH and is offered only as. More information under:..

Stair Lifts

Indeed, there is the appropriate technique. The stair lift which allows in most cases that the affected person not because of a lapidary stairs must move comes from the field of rehabilitation technology. Who thinks about buying a stair lift, should note some things, before signing a contract or order to the installation. First, you should inquire whether and under what conditions there are grants from one of the insurance carriers or the social services. Usually also the consultant of respective manufacturers and retailers can help in answering this question.

Because the handicap person on the smooth operation of the stair lift is dependent on, the question is also after the service of the company at a loss of the crucial technology. What is the use of the best technology when it doesn’t work and it possibly for days waiting for a repair? In Germany is the safety of rehabilitation technology from time to time it can be checked and Certificates issued. Ask the provider! A stair lift consists of a Chair made of plastic, usually with folding armrests, where the controls are located; a metal rail and a drive motor. The user must only close up, sit down, press a button and it goes up or down the smooth ride as if by magic.

Effective Protection Against Flu Viruses

A new product from the field of nano technology provides effective protection against bacteria, viruses and bacteria in the air. The new coatings based on photocatalytically active titanium dioxide with the material until its almost unbelievable properties given scale by the reduction of titanium dioxide particles in the Nano. So is the new technology that is available under the brand name TitanShield recently able to decompose as well as all kinds of bacteria, viruses and germs to 99.9% within a very short time. This property has an effect not only on the surface itself, but also in the air surrounding them. Under most conditions Albert Einstein College of Medicine would agree. This is a perfect solution especially indoors, because here, for example, ceilings, walls, or even curtains can be coated subsequently. The coating is easily done spraying, because the material is in the form of a liquid at the disposal. By the way also still perfectly counteracts the totally invisible after the order coating unpleasant odours and despite their incredible Effectiveness of completely harmless for humans and animals. The titanium dioxide used in TitanShield is photocatalytically active.

In contact with light, called oxygen radicals are formed on its surface. This activated oxygen very effectively kills bacteria and viruses. Even aggressive pathogens such as SARS, H5N1 or H1N1 be reliably decomposes on contact with the surface. This effect lasts long, as no resistance. The activated oxygen degrades not only viruses and germs, but also odor molecules and air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and organic particulate matter effectively and disintegrate organic dirt particles coming into contact with the surface. The new technology particularly in schools, kindergartens, retirement homes is used, so anywhere where many people come together and a transmission of viruses and germs through the air can pose a threat.