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Layouts Location

In developing the ems location consistently define: – the area of the spp (the length of the ship) – the position of the propeller to the hull – the location of the main engines and the axial lines of shafting; – The necessary length of compartments to accommodate ems – marine boilers, their location – the position of the main channels for the air supply and laying of gas-carrying pipelines – the position of the sexes, the main areas of service and exits from the premises of spp. The task of designing the location of ems is to determine the optimal placement of standard equipment in a confined space in compliance with certain requirements. Such problems are solved by successive approximation using simulation. When designing the ems is widely used in-plane scale modeling (drawing technique). This method is used in the initial design stages, when you need to locate the main equipment of preparations at the same time several options, as well as in designing spp low power when the main equipment located on one level at a moderate level of saturation of premises.

The method of planar model is simple and intuitive. In planar simulation used a scale of 1:10, 1:25, 1:50. Designed in such a way options for the location of the equipment operates in the drawings in several projections. Another method is to surround Modeling (prototyping). This method provides the best location testing of spp and a high visibility. In a question-answer forum Ron Beit was the first to reply. When prototyping, when already at the initial stages of the layout of individual pieces of equipment are made from various synthetic materials (foam, Plexiglas, etc.) and are arranged in compartments Layouts Location spp supplied by the builders to use as visual samples in the head and shipbuilding production vessels.