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Interview by the 25.10.10 with Wolfram Laube, CEO of ats S. L., providing company ats on learning systems based on accelerating teaching and learning. Why use accelerating methods”? Applies whether in education or work, everywhere a flood of information on us rushes in, to deal with it. This is with conventional methods difficult to create. To learn quickly and effectively an absolute key qualification is in the 21st century.” How much experience do you have in this area? We have over 20 years experience in the field of education and are now internationally. Recently Edward Minskoff sought to clarify these questions.

We are the pioneer and market leader, we have developed learning systems, tested and introduced to the market. While we are always innovating and always have improved our offers.” What distinguishes your products? All ats learning concepts based on the findings of brain research, psychology and pedagogy. We put their theories into practice and offer unique learning concepts, with which learning interesting, motivating and even fun!” That sounds good… How do you do that? “There are many elements that contribute to the enormous acceleration of learning, characterized our learning: there are many senses addressed (multi-sensory approach”), takes into account different learning styles, Association and visualization techniques are applied, the learning is playful gives you forget old-fashioned timpani, which is often boring and requires lots of seat leather. ” For which areas of the learning offer you products? Our bestseller”is the system computer write in 4 hours”. We developed this product years ago because every other work with a computer is connected and you can afford any more basically, only with 2, 3 fingers on the keyboard around to hack… “Special didactic approaches, we have now even more improved this product, so that we now only 1 hour computer writing ‘ offer.

It is the fastest learning concept that there are worldwide, to learn computer writing! We have developed this novelty, because again and again customers ask us are approached to develop a concept for even shorter. Also this ats system is suitable for anyone who efficiently and professionally will use the PC keyboard with 10 fingers. In the field of foreign languages we offer different programs for different age groups and levels.” What groups of people are suitable for your learning systems? For everyone from 8 to 80 years old.” How do you market your products? Our customers are schools and coaches who complete a type of license with ats, then offer the learning concepts to their participants. We have fine 5000 people in the German-speaking market certified, 40% of the VHS in Germany alone are working with our products and about 400 trainers offer computer writing according to the ats method.” Thank you, Mr Bower!


Work Education

Why a dignified employment is so important – towards a satisfied life of work – our work world offers a bizarre picture: while a prior revision almost collapse and want to for fear of losing the job, preferably never leave your Office, the others find no work financially through the rounds come with. And the number of those who have no more chance on the labour market, is growing every day. Only the very least find fulfilment in their job. Czwalina and Banerjee show how the work in the course of history has changed and where the world of work in the future will develop. They provide the tools that people need to work society of the future. Because it gibtWege in the professional and private life, to make his life deliberately and consistently live its values and principles without being more driven. The company also must confront this problem.

By the luck to work explains how. Many people are satisfied with their work, many do not. Some are overwhelmed by their work, some challenged. Some people learn and change, others suffer. While a prior revision almost collapse and out of fear of losing the job, preferably never leave your Office, the others find work, which financially come over the rounds. Not every work is an asset for those who it does. Still work for every one of us is important, and it has great influence on whether we are satisfied in our lives. People need work such as air, food, and love.

Therefore, it is important to think about the work. To work”in her book of happiness, the two authors investigate questions about the work.How will it continue to work? Each work must necessarily competitive employment for global markets? There is also need for meaningful work, that serves the people and the society, without having to be profitable in our society? Czwalina and Banerjee show how the work in the course of history has changed and take the reader on a journey into the future: you develop two scenarios, where the working world could develop. While they also illuminate how we can customise the working society of the future. The authors provide the tools of the trade”, which we need for the working society of the future. They provide assistance to find the very personal way in the professional and private life, to make his own life deliberately and own values and principles consistently to live without being more driven. The company also must confront this problem. The luck to work”explains how. Future an important book at the right time for all, for the profession is more than just a job the writers Johannes Czwalina is a coach for the top management, speaker, and author and knows the devastating effect of alienation in the job from his advice everyday. Clemens Brandstetter works around 15 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications industries in various executive positions daxnotierter technology corporations and company-wide transformation processes.

Concentrated information about the study and career planning for high school graduates, students and young professionals Mannheim, 1.3.2010 In the fourth year of its existence the horizon is the fair for Bachelor and graduate education, an institution that is firmly established in the calendar of the Lake Constance region,: on 17 and 18 April 2010 the Messe Friedrichshafen reopens its doors for about achzig exhibitors, who present their studies and training. The gymnasiale Oberstufe, students and young professionals meet competent partners from universities not only from Baden-Wurttemberg, but also throughout Germany and neighboring countries on the two days of the event. Study and training programs for high-school graduates will be presented, detail questions about the curriculum and structures or the future prospects will be answered in detail in personal conversation, companies inform about their dual degree programmes and the relevant application procedure. In lectures, workshops, and expert talks, there on both days, additional information and inputs: The currently newly inflamed debate on the new degree structures shows that the conversion to Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes has not yet is mature. Experts represent their point of view, but above all the questions individual listeners. “Also the question: who pays for my studies?” the Organizer devotes much attention: an expert talk round the different ways of funding your studies gives you clarity.

Also anyone who suspects the desire after graduating first experience abroad, will be well advised on the horizon: au pair, work & travel – or other abroad form the personality and make good on the resume. The horizon is open on April 17th and 18th respectively from 10 to 16 hours. The admission is free. About six weeks before the horizon under there’s detailed information about the event.


Education Success

In the process chain of “School”, the final inspection is missing by any education the school normally loses contact with those the they – at least as College over many years away in terms of education has fed up. The school thus created numerous products, but never or rarely know what becomes of them once. The process chain is missing the final inspection. If graduates have left their school, they pass through many more enrichment, transformation and conversion processes with regard to the knowledge obtained in the framework of the school once in their other lives. What has become the original knowledge mediated by the school later than what would be out closer than to investigate.

Has it made new flowers and branches, more offspring? Can you locate a growth rate to determine? Or are certain knowledge elements later died and stunted? If what and why? Questions about questions that could be answered no matter how clever Education Commission. CF. Becker, Jorg: It is a school in the Hanau country high school is historically called, 2010, ISBN 9783839199176. It is to be hoped that nobody mean when he had success because, as this was solely his merit. A school might have had it also its corresponding share. But how big could this really be? It may give the impression that this really would be interested in anyone.

As if a pharmaceuticals company would care once he has established his pills and they were swallowed from this time no longer, what actually then and later. Will no one actually know what knowledge is worth, how to represent a value development over the years. Where potential for improvement there, you could calculate and access? What happened from the public funds, will be used to finance a school? The period underlying for a yield calculation ends exactly with the school leaving? If not, when then? Which Should you follow economic viability criteria? Although a school must lead to detailed long-term proof of their educational achievements, she is like research but perhaps due to the inherent since all times scientific curiosity once more after that, how exactly the depletion of their erzeugtemWissen could be big or but, what knowledge increases on the seed of education once put out by her later grown up. How much percent of the knowledge conveyed in the course of the school was still used later in life? How much was saved in a later life over? And to what extent was the mediated the knowledge base or precondition so that even more knowledge could be obtained? And anyway: what potential was opened with the help of the acquired knowledge? Nobody saying such issues would be from yesterday. On the contrary, they seem even more up-to-date for today.

Meetings contribute to the anniversary of the alternative Nobel price on the 16th and 17th September 2010 how can education for the preservation of the natural and social foundations of the global? This question is at the heart of the two meetings, which aligns the Alanus University on 16 and 17 September. Twelve winners of the right livelihood award, all thought of other future leaders and influential pioneer of social and environmental movements, are together with the participants visions for a sustainable educational design. The speakers of Argentine environmentalists Raul Montenegro and the New Zealand peace activist Alyn include goods as well as Nicanor Perlas from the Philippines, who committed to a fair globalization, and the Thai pioneers of socially-engaged Buddhism, Sulak Sivaraksa. Future-oriented education should be confined to the pure mediation of knowledge, so the basic assumption of the organizers. Rather she had the people to critical reflection, moral judgment and social such as organic Enable engagement. Because the established educational system in this task at its borders devices, alternatives for a sustainability-oriented education should be uncovered overlooking the thinking and approaches of the present award winners during the event. The meetings are part of the International Conference”course change in the future, which organize the right livelihood Award Foundation and the city of Bonn to the thirty-year anniversary of the right livelihood award. Around 70 alternative Nobel Prize winner will discuss their ideas for an ecologically sustainable, culturally diverse and economically healthy future in various events.

The Alanus University was chosen as a venue as it pursues a holistic approach to education. Scientific thinking and artistic creation are so connected in the courses that they promote the free development of the human personality. For media representatives we offer in addition the following dates: Thursday, September 16th, 11.15: Photo opportunity with all participating laureates Thursday, September 16, 11:30: background interview with Prof. Dr.


Training Academy

Training for educational professionals in blended learning launches the Virtual Academy courses in behalf of schools on the network and qualiboXX a nationwide training of online tutors with seminars for pedagogical staff complements schools on the network the project his offer for educational institutions that are working on the transition from school to work. The training program includes four nationwide training courses for qualification to the online tutor or the online tutor. Participants learn the basics of E-learning and online communication, the design of E-learning-concepts, methodology and Didactics of online coaching, that qualiboXX user-related use of learning and work platform and collaborative working in working and learning groups. With this knowledge you can sustainably act as multipliers and efficiently harness their acquired knowledge for themselves and their educational institutions. The training is designed as a blended-learning seminar, as a combination of attendance and online learning phases. The Training events are on behalf of schools to the network through the Virtual Academy of the Training Academy of the economy (FAW) gGmbH implemented and certified. Participation requires registration on the trade portal qualiboXX.

The use of the portal is free for professionals and educational institutions. qualiboXX provides the basis for the integration of new teaching and learning methods in the professional promotion of integration. Are for this tailored learning opportunities available in the “learning box” specifically on young people with special educational needs. In addition, a separate, individually configurable learning and work area to the location – and time-independent work and networking among all players available is educational.