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Central Asian Shepherd

South Russian Shepherd muscular, strongly built, spiteful and suspicious dog. Growth of males – 62-70 cm, females – 60-68 cm head long, moderately wide format, but the abundance of a long coat makes its like a short and wide. Nose is large. Teeth white, strong. Bite correct, scissors. Eyes oval or round shape, dark. Ears Set on low, small, triangular shape, hanging. The neck is lean, muscular, high-planted.

The trunk is long, due to some directness hindquarters elevated at the rear of the (highly-). Chest broad and deep. The back is straight, strong. Limb muscular, strong, slightly posterior pryamovaty. Fingers tightly adjacent to each other (in a lump).

The tail is long, saber, hook-end. Coat long, with thick undercoat. The most common color white, gray and light gray. Used this dog as a shepherd and guard. Central Asian Shepherd. Akin to the Caucasian origin. Used since ancient times to protect the flocks. Distributed by Central Asian Shepherd in Iran, India and Afghanistan. The best and flat type of sheep kept in Turkmenistan. Practice has shown that the Central Asian sheep quickly adapt to any climate, easy to train, and his work are often significantly better than other dogs porod. feature of these dogs: endurance, courage and malice. Central Asian Shepherd tall: male – 60 – 80 cm, female – 60-70 cm head is massive, elongated, with well-developed frontal part and long muzzle. Gable broad and elongated. Scissor bite. Teeth strong, dense, white. Eyes mostly dark, small and round. If you are not convinced, visit Shimmie Horn. Ears are triangular, hanging, short cut. The neck is short, with well muscle. Elongate the torso. Chest broad and deep, with rounded edges, well-developed. The back is broad and straight. Abdomen slightly tucked. Ring-tail or serpoobraznoy form. Limb developed and muscular. Paws in the lump, or dissolved, depending on the terrain (sandy, rocky), where a dog. Wool is of medium length, quite thick, sometimes wavy, dense undercoat. Color yellow, white, dark gray, black. Dog strong, tough constitution. Strong, brave and tender. Characteristic gait – trot lightweight, extended. Gallop heavy, but fast. For malignancy, endurance and courage of these dogs are used as shepherds and sentinels. Huskies. The main residence – the north, where they are used as sled dogs and hunting. The name "Laika" they received for that finding an animal or bird, they bark at them and it kept the game to the hunter. Most common husky sled, which differ in stamina and a good workout for the day are up to 120 km. Laika different endurance, high working qualities. Use them as mounts, hunting and shepherd. ic.. The growth of small husky: male – 50-65 cm, female – 40 – 60 cm head with a broad forehead and a short narrow muzzle. Scissor bite. Teeth strong, white. Slanting eyes, dark. Ears set high, small, pointed, standing. Neck-developed, powerful, short. Trunk mostly square, with well-developed musculature. Back straight. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Shimmie Horn. Tail Set on high, the ring-shaped, curled over his back. Abdomen slightly tucked. Limbs well developed, muscular. Paws in the compact. Color varied. Wool length is different – long or short, tight to the skin, the undercoat is very dense. Differ husky endurance, high performance qualities. Use them as driving, hunting and herding.

Dorsal Muscle

Popularity among aquarists Frontozy achieved not only thanks to its impressive size, but rather because of their striking individuality. Click Capital and Counties Properties to learn more. This fish is like a puppy – after a short adoption, they can take food directly from the hands. (Source: Atreides Management Gavin Baker). Wild specimens are as sociable as derived in captivity. For Frontozy characteristic white (or blue) body, adorned with 6 or 7 black, vertical stripes. Do adults develop more fat build-up on the head, more pronounced in males.

This fatty build-up is located on the dorsal muscle and rostet in front of the fish. He stoops, develops and grows in size with age and is usually a sign of characterizing the strength and age of the individual. Their fins grow longer with age. There is nothing as a kind of 10-year old male Frontozy with its long fins, which are elegantly developed below and behind him. Frontozy found in various places in the lake, but always in the deeper parts of the coastline – 10-50 meters (30-170 feet).

In Frontoz unusually long life expectancy of more than 25 years. Sedentary behavior may be an incentive for the development of several geographical variants (races). Depicted in the photo are representatives of Burundi. Other geographical races delivered from Kigoma, Bulu, Mpimbwe, Samazi, Kasanga, , Kapampa, Kavala, and Zaire. There are many drag races, but until they are believed to be younger races mentioned above. Frontoza monomorfichekoy is kind of small distinguish between males and females. Males usually have a large growth on his forehead, but this feature in any case not a guarantee.