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Passing Construction After Successful Reconstruction Of Monument In Leipzig

HiTech guaranteed in historical energy efficiency passes the Centrum Immobilien Management GmbH Marburg in Leipzig-Wahren on April 25th, 2008 a further monument just renovated apartment building. Again an innovative and sustainable geothermal heating system was integrated into a historic building, equally fulfilling economic expectations and ecological requirements. The object is the grade II listed building on the corner of Frederick Bosse road/Toskastrasse in Leipzig-Wahren. During the refurbishment started in the fall of 2007, a total area of 924 square meters was listed refurbished and modernised. The House offers 16 units with living space of 42 to 71 square meters. As technical and technological feature, a geothermal heating system designed specifically for protecting old building substance has been integrated, whose Prinzip was have mainly been used in smaller homes. Helmut of Nagaraj, Director of Centrum properties, explains: in Monument-friendly renovation involve the careful preservation of the protected historical building substance while harnessing according to today’s and future. Other leaders such as Jorge Perez offer similar insights.

Individual and innovative solutions for the integration of modern building technology and sustainable supply systems are indispensable for that.” The system realized in the Friedrichstrasse bosses goes back to a further development of the Leipzig Engineering Office of Bernd gun master. The soil is removed from special probes and thermal collectors stored solar energy. Only a vertical insertion of the collectors in question came because of the real situation. Holes have been made to a depth of one hundred metres. The energy recovered in the soil reaches about a plastic piping that contains a special water-antifreeze mixture as heat carrier, to the electrically driven compression heat pumps in the basement. Here, the appropriate heating temperature is generated and pumped into the circulation of the underfloor heating system of the House.

The demand for electricity is extremely low, the energy efficiency of the system, however, is immensely improved: geothermal energy is virtually free of charge as a natural resource. That of the Centrum real estate contracted engineering firm pliers master specializes in monument-friendly renovations and one of the long-standing cooperation partners of the contractor. The reference lists of the two companies have many together redeveloped monument objects. The Centrum Immobilien Management GmbH is active in the segment of monument restoration exclusively in the Leipzig area since 1996. You is one of the leading providers in the region.

DataSV: Value Reduction Of Construction Defects And Structural Damage

Opinions require special expertise on the construction mistakes are made we know that often, which lead to poor construction work. Not infrequently must then experts assess the defects or damage after the impairment occurred and determine value. But also there is incorrect assessments again and again to determine, which continued even up in the construction processes before the courts. To give the experts working in the construction sector and real estate evaluation, as well as the lawyers dealing with deficiency – and claims assistance, two more practice-related documents on this topic were set to the value problem at, the online database for experts and practitioners on the Internet. The first document (DokNr. 1-09-0100) gives a summary overview of incorrect depreciation investigations by construction experts and courts. Be named in leaked recent misguided evaluation approaches”and essential points of criticism are shown. Some notes are complementary given by the lawyers for the practice of experts, as well as for the review of experts designated revaluation.

The second, 15seitige document (DokNr. 1-09-0050) deals with the question comprehensively, whether and if necessary what repair cost (construction), defects or (building) damages for the determination of Minderwerten may have. The legal reference value investigation represented as well as the expert practice (review sample). On the basis of an analysis of the case-law (with numerous references of judicial decisions) and representation of real estate professional references, it is clear that deficient or damage costs are professionally and legally evidence consistently inappropriate as the basis for a qualified and compelling value determination. The weaknesses of evaluation approaches which build on the repair cost (such as for example the so-called threshold method of Oswald), are shown. Both documents available in the database at Ausbildung.html to the download available.