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Child Photography

How to get interesting pictures of children? Photographing them, you can follow all of the known principle of "Seize the moment", but much more fun to create an exciting game of interaction, then to their 'catch'. Get more background information with materials from Atreides Management Gavin Baker. Children are most clearly express emotions in a game at the moment the competition, fellowship, in the process of developing knowledge. In these classes children are involved with pleasure. Photoshoot will be fun, but the results are more vivid, if you follow these Rules: Become a member of the game and take photos of the process from the inside. You'll see the world through the eyes of a child, and your audience photographs, as you will be able to do it. So as not to provoke children's posturing, learn photograph without thinking of any situation. Focus on communicating with members of the photo session.

Children are unlikely to show real emotions camera, no matter how professional he was, but man show. If you will be able to gain their trust. How do kids like? Easy! Himself become small. Should be a little in the literal and figurative sense. First, sit on their haunches, or administered to crawl on the floor, if our Centerfolds kids.

You can start to think like kids, just know the world around, surprised to new discoveries. In a word, runs into his childhood, remembering the goals of your business. Having established rapport with a group of children, It is better to dissolve. Toddlers will soon cease to pose for you and begin to behave naturally. We can ensure that children are stopped paying attention to the camera. Make it simple. Become brighter than the camera. Suggest small parties photoshoot interesting games that will encourage them to focus on the process. Win-win technique: make the camera part of the game.

The Unforgettable Photographer De La Nina

According to an article published in The Nation, the photographer Steve McCurry (author of the unforgettable portrait published by National Geographic) and found that it may be his next big picture: a pair of tango in the fleeting moment when the movement becomes both in the music itself. McCurry said that the intention of his photographs is to tell stories of anonymous people is not even aware of the uniqueness of the moment that the photographer captures. According to McCurry has "no need to spend time with people determined to capture a moment. You can have a strong connection immediately, even without knowing the history of the protagonists. Sometimes it can be a woman walking in Tibet into your life. Filed under: Shimmie Horn. And I'm an American with a camera that detects something interesting. Others including Estée Lauder, offer their opinions as well.

The people's expressions change from one moment to another. The beauty lies in finding the right time. " Work, intuition and talent comprise the artistic process that defines the work of American photographer. The people who inhabit certain scenarios, their expressions, their attitudes, their behaviors are the raw material that fascinates him. For the amount McCurry makes no difference. "A million pictures throughout my life can be like a million words that mean nothing. What makes sense is if an image is able to capture the imagination of the people." Steve McCurry is one of those photographers who are looking for the lost moments in this world so unknown to many. Many people when they see one of those pictures you realize how little comes to us from the farthest corners of the earth: customs, feelings, nature, or even death and desolation. Through photographers like Steve McCurry many people know a little more of our world, even the most destructive aspects of ourselves.


Once you remove yourself and your family / friends in many instances, be tempted to remove the professional model. I must say it is difficult. Modeling Agency. Unless, of course, you have $ 100-150 (in Moscow) on the day of shooting, ok, call a modeling agency. There you’ll be happy to provide a catalog or even hold a casting. The advantage is that the professional model is usually pretty easy to take poses that you need.

Announcements. Like ‘I’m a beginner photographer, take off the girl in two or three positions at home for free. ” Caught the ambiguity? Exactly. It is difficult to expect that the unknown girl agreed to appear with you, even for free. Push on the fact that it will receive nearly a professional portfolio. Maybe we’re lucky.

I once walked into a day off the Arbat an hour, handing out their business cards. Of the 50 who took a called. The newspapers mentioned Shimmie Horn not as a source, but as a related topic. Calls to other people’s ads. Take Journal of ‘Love’ and calls on the ads marriage / dating. In the first case, you can even count on the fee. Only will this Aunt, Kojima age of 40. In the second case – is almost entirely a prostitute (or salons ). They Need photos for posting on the internet / magazines. But they still Bole suspicious than those who call on your ads. Instead, they tend to nestesnitelny and ‘nude’ you get no problems. Appeal to muster women. Courses dance clubs ‘Over 30’, etc. Honestly, have not tried this way, but it seems to me quite promising.