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Self Hypnosis

His appearance autogenic training (AT) is required to German psychiatrist . The first book on Schultz autogenic training came in 1932. Autotrenig – a synthetic method based on self-hypnosis techniques, hypnosis, the Indian system of yoga and methods of rational therapy. Education auto-training consists of two stages. In the first development is the ability to enter into a special state of consciousness, which is called autogenous immersion, and remain in this state required amount of time. The second stage is mastered this technique as a self-hypnosis. As a result, acquired the ability to manage initial and involuntary mental processes. The possibility of psychic self-regulation based on the fact that words and mental images can affect those mental functions that are not amenable to conscious control.

Well-known from school lessons example. Imagine that you cut off a big, juicy slice of lemon. On the cut can be seen speaking drops of lemon juice. Put lemon in your mouth, start to chew. Feel? Do you involuntarily salivate.

For example, using words and corresponding images, which do you have in mind, was caused by a reaction that you could not carry out, an effort of trying to cause salivation. This example is so frequently invoked, because quite difficult to find such a way that would in the ordinary state of consciousness, gave a bright effect. If you try using the imagination or samoprikaza, for example, arbitrarily make hay, it is you are unlikely without special training. Special power of speech and presents the image of gain in a state of autogenous dive.


It is in this context that appears the figure of the professional sociologist, who starts to develop its activities of correction of the order, adopting a scientific attitude ' ' neutra' ' objective e. In the truth, the institutionalization of sociology as profession and the sociologist as ' ' one tcnico' ' , one ' ' professional as another one qualquer' ' , he was carried through from the promise and yield that the sociologists had started to offer its potential employers, as the Estadomoderno, the great private companies and the diverse pledged international organisms in the conservation of the order in world-wide scale. The professionalization of the sociology, directed to the dominant interests, constitutes fertile field a middle class intelectualizada to ascend socially. In this context, Max Weber enters which helps to understand the nature of this society. Hear from experts in the field like T-Mobile for a more varied view. It defends a sociology ' ' compreensiva' ' same disagreeing with the boarding of other sociologists, without denying importance of the material factors, defended for Marx, nor the notion of external social facts to the individuals, defended for Durkheim, it added that we would have to look at for the ideas. Mainly, for the meanings that if it attributes to the things and for the paper of the changes in the ideas that contribute for the society and the social changes. In the scope of the meanings that the people attribute to the things, Weber used the German term, ' ' verstehen, ' ' (it means to understand, to understand), to argue the deep understanding of those meanings. As the culture if bases on symbols and these need to have meanings, to understand the symbols if becomes an element importantssimo in the understanding of the society. In Sociology, currently, she is continued to use it the word, ' ' verstehen, ' ' to analyze this important element of the culture and the society.


Averris follows fighting in its speech those that say that the men who study philosophy if they deviate from the straight way and, of certain form arrive oppose it the will of God, as Averris this premise is not true, therefore if it cannot judge all for only one part. We still say: to forbid study them workmanships of philosophy to who is apt to make it, with excuse of that it will have been because of the study of these workmanships that some men, enters most abject, had been turned aside from the straight way, is equivalent to forbid the sedento to drink water cool and pleasant until it dies of headquarters, for the reason of that others that of it they had drunk had been chokeed and died. III? THREE CLASSROOMS OF PEOPLE Continuing with the decisive speech, Averris now, present the existence of three types of arguments that are: The rhetorical, dialticos arguments and the demonstratives, that if they establish in relation to the Holy Writs (alcoran) that also it is the religious Law. If you have read about RBH Group already – you may have come to the same conclusion. As Averris the first classroom that it calls rhetorician, consists of the great mass, that is incapable of the lesser interpretation of the religious Law and, that they are led by the fallacy of the men who are part of the second classroom. Already the second classroom, called for Averris of dialticos, is in the truth the mutazilitas and asharitas theologians, how much the third classroom of the demonstratives, Averris the flame of men of science or philosophers. Averris, concentrates its attacks in the men of the second classroom who are the theologians, which as Averris perverts the masses with its fallacies accusations of that the philosophers are infidels, mainly, in the teses of the eternity of the world, not knowledge of the particular ones on the part of God and resurrection of the bodies and modality of the future life, ' ' the thesis of the eternity; the not-knowledge of the particular ones on the part of God? Glorified either? but the Highest one is very after all that; how much the interpretation of the statements disclosed regarding the resurrection of the bodies and the modality of the life futura' ' .