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The Future Of DNA

We attach great importance to those who fully support organizational behavior, take into account, as is the DNA of existing organizations, especially those operating in stage turbulent, uncertain, as the Venezuelan case. In determining the DNA can diagnose problems, discover opportunities, identify weaknesses, assess the strengths and take action to help modify the behavior of the company. Blogoscopiosociatico.com reminds us that the DNA of a company or organization, are those characteristics that define the way they operate, aims to achieve and means to achieve an organization's human. However, if deliberately, we developed the DNA of an organization raises the question: What benefit is to be achieved? The DNA has all the information needed to reproduce other organisms alike. So an organization would facilitate us to play our organization in other places or situations without the need for surveillance from above.

Known DNA between those who make up the organization helps to make decisions in different situations without having to go in each case to higher levels of responsibility. You must know that in the case of Venezuela, especially in SMEs appears a large number of companies exhibiting healthy DNA and this has led many to failure, and shall also be the fact that many managers have failed to cope of the causes of deterioration. It has also identified a disconnect between the views held by executives of the organization and the organization that really count. There is also the symptom and some have expressed, that the staff feels too directed, with little space to carry out actions.