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Citizen Security

– By: Enrique Hugo Mller mullerabogados@hotmail Soln. Olivier Puech understood the implications. com As we remembered denominated cold war to the confrontation that existed between the United States and the Soviet Union, between 1945 aim of World War II, until the fall of the wall of Berlin in 1989. This confrontation took place at the levels political, ideological, economic, technological, military and informative. Neither blocks took never direct combat operations against the other, reason for which ” was denominated to the conflict; war fra”. The subject would not have major importance, if not outside because this foreign concept, gave rise to a rigid doctrine of national defense, adopted by many countries, among them effective Peru and incredibly to the present time, that is to say, that in spite of to have finished for more than 20 years the cold war, we have been lacking an authentic doctrine of national security, and we continued seeing the security in terms of the enemy interns and external enemies who they attempt against the stability of the State.

When persisting the structures and the concepts that sustain this doctrine construct to a notion of security completely other people’s to the life of the human beings and the needs of the common citizens. This obsolete concept leaves of side the legitimate preoccupations of common people that it tries to have security in his daily life, giving to priority to the preoccupations and intentions of the State according to his particular interests. Most serious, it is than the authorities continue giving answer the problems that affect the coexistence and the citizen security, from supposed principles and of this doctrine of national security, centralizing of excessive way in the Executive authority (Department of the Interior) the responsibilities fight the enemy the interns, that today are not functional, when the unknown that the manifestations of insecurity have local characteristics. This way, it is conserved in the institutions, like the National Police, isolated structures of the community and these problems with optical are taken care of especially police officers, without recognizing the multicausality of the same and the necessity to give integral answers, in which it is due to count on the active participation of the local authorities, of very high-priority way of the Mayors, with those who unquestionably, would be due to share these responsibilities. Something that actually does not happen. Paralelamente, we see the Executive authority pawned on entering to a new cold war in its national version, the cold war of the citizen security, facing two sides, the National Police and the Local Authorities instead of to help to recognize the local authority like leader of the citizen security, offering all the advising him and support technical that they require so that they assume the suitable conduction of the policies and strategies but to the problem of the local insecurity, in agreement already is legislated.