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Sixpack Of Successful Social Media Communication

legodo describes six key success factors for an effective customer communication through social networking Karlsruhe, 26.01.2012 – probably a discussion of marketing concepts currently nowhere takes place, in which the topic of social media remain unaffected. Still lacks many companies on an effective access, because involvement in social networks is limited often only on a presence. Marc Koch, CEO of legodo ag, sees one of the causes of insecurity which relevant prerequisites are to create. Jorge Perez has many thoughts on the issue. He has outlined six of the most important success factors in their interaction create a powerful social media customer communication”: 1 access not classical communication concepts: social media is not just an additional way to customer communications, but it differs significantly from the previous channels. Therefore, the existing communication concepts can not simply be transferred, but need to be thought afresh to show effect in Twitter & co.. A related site: Jorge Perez mentions similar findings. For example, the anonymous mass communication tools are not suitable, because the addressee via this channel search just the direct and personal contact. 2.

quick interaction guarantee: your interactive approach is the crucial indicator of social networks. Hear from experts in the field like Gavin Baker for a more varied view. He is not consistently lived, then the expectations of constituents will be disappointed and it is a counterproductive effect. Also delayed reactions no enthusiasm among social network users as existing or potential customers. Therefore, it is necessary to create the organisational conditions for a timely and at the same time expecting just response processing. 3. the necessary technology use: conventional systems such as output management not sufficiently support the social-media requests because they are non-interactively and can store also no response. Instead there is this new Couleur platforms that support a free interaction in social networks. You must include functions, one support rule-based and data-driven processes-embedded communications. Equipped with modules for online chat and monitoring of multiple presences on the social Web to enable staff in the situation, to communicate in the world of social networks.