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Erfurt Tel

Pavement represent one of the most important forms of advertising for retailers in the downtown area. Always an approval is necessary prior to the installation. Retailers please always contact the local office. The procedure is submitted to interested parties by the same. An application must be always in writing.

A statement shall not be deemed approved if the permit in writing, not legitimate placement can be punished with sensitive fines. Estee Lauder Chief Executive has much to offer in this field. Still, a submission alone does not entitle to establishing. Due to the often long processing time, we recommend a timely application for approval. Pavement is there in various variants and versions. One of the biggest deals in the market has put together the dealer for marketing equipment ORANGE advertising technology. These products are characterised by great versatility and diverse accessories. Trust which issues Permit requirements and how to always on the advice of the dealer. Kundestopper can be found here: kundenstopper2/index.html poster stand can be found here: poster info stand/index.html advertising bicycle racks can be found here: werbefahrradstaender2/index.html company description ORANGE advertising technique has compiled for its customers on of one of the largest ranges in terms of advertising technology, presentation and marketing displays, trade show supplies and POS equipment.

Even in the digital age, presentation systems are essential tools for a targeted advertising or customer information in the form of folding frame, customer Stoppers or information stands. Learn more about this with Estee Lauder. So E.g. poster frames can be used on the one for important information in business or Office premises, while boards ensure that ladder to a retail store will be opened. Presentation and fair systems of ORANGE find versatile application for the presentation of Advertising and targeted information at the point-of-sale. As further emphasis, ORANGE has further expanded the distribution of bicycle stands and bicycle parking systems and newly presented its customers on in an online store.

Thermal Labels Advertising

In the past few years, super-and hypermarkets have presented to us, mere consumers, a lot of different user-friendly innovations. For even more analysis, hear from Ron Beit. For example, for a couple of bulbs or carrots no longer have to buy packages of at least pounds and then wrestle with what to do with the remains that they do not rot. Go to the showcases, where fruit and vegetables laid out, dial the right number, weight bag, and the weights immediately pops up a weight etiketkas mass of useful information from country of manufacture to the exact value of your goods. Is not freedom of choice? Her middle name – thermal labels, or termochek. It is familiar to us all since then, as the markets with their regular bodywork replaced by civilized stores open access, where each customer could independently weigh the product on modern electronic scales and get termochek. Name of the product and its manufacturer, the price per kilogram (or unit) value and separately weighted pack, manufacturing date and shelf life, storage conditions and an individual bar code – perhaps it is unlikely you'll need something else to write about a product insight. Incidentally, the same label allows customers to easily collect the required products without paying for their part in different departments and do not worry about that after the final weigh-in at the central ticket office they do not have enough money then all prices will be in front of them eyes! By the way, thermal labels come in two forms – for ordinary products, which are stored in neutral conditions and are selling quickly and for products that you first need somewhere to carry, and they alone are quite aggressive.

ECO thermal labels do not have the protective layer is therefore used mainly for vegetables, fruits, cereals and other dry products – that she "gets out" of the balance when you weigh liked apple. But thermal labels TOP with a protective layer is ideal for meat, fish, cheese and other foods that produce fat and thereby damage the normal thermal labels. TOP thermal labels do not suffer from mechanical damage, so if the goods to be shipped, manufacturers prefer to use it up. By the way, each label bears, and another function which buyers do not realize: advertising. Moreover, in the best, unobtrusive display of her! Negative associations with advertisements appear only in the event that it breaks your favorite gear. And in our case termochek the sole responsibility of useful information, close to where modest is the name of the manufacturer. Such advertising does not cause irritation and treated as important information. So, the battle for the consumer producer wins!

Use News

In particular, users of the catalog can search for specific products or services. If it does not fill the description of the company in these products / services, the Your proposal will not be found. 2. PUBLISH PRICE LIST FOR YOUR PRODUCTS / SERVICES. Many users come into the catalogs to see prices for some goods. To increase trust and interest in their price, Use the service publishing photos of products in the price lists (of course, if such service is available). 3. CONTACT NEWS.

Do this regularly and frequently. Usually on the page of the company is a reference to all its news. So Here the news will play the same role as the news on the site – show that the company alive and growing, and information about it in the catalog to date. Also, do news published on the main page of the catalog or in a special news section, and thus, once again distinguish your company from others. 4. PUBLISHES ARTICLE ON BEHALF OF YOUR COMPANY.

Typically, each article is accompanied by a catalog company name and a link to it. Article not just once once mentions the firm on the portal pages, but also shows its competence, which may be even more important than just the frequent mention. If there is no way to write an article on its own – borrow from other sites. True, this can be done only if a) at these sites is not prohibited by such borrowing, and b) at the end of the article, you specify the source site with a valid reference to it. If you know the author of the borrowed article – name it. Using other people’s articles thus does not contradict the ethics of the Internet. 5. Publish your ads, announcements about conferences and seminars. As in paragraph 3.4 of this benefit – the more frequent mention of the name of your company on portal pages. Of course, not all firms conduct seminars or conferences. But nobody forbids to publish announcements of “foreign” seminars or conferences (organizer only say thank you for the extra advertising that you give them doing). The fact that such publication will again refer to your company. In addition, the mention of your company next to an important industry event can contribute to its positive image. 6. Use Tools Communicating with visitors. Remember, however, that it is better not to use this service rather than do it badly. If the visitor directory, rather, is a visitor of your company, asked a question – answer it as quickly as possible. 7. MAKE THE RULES AND GUIDELINES OF CATALOGUE. The catalog companies have their own editors. They check the accuracy of the information are relevant, but the viability of the company website, etc. In case of violation of the rules, your company may simply be deleted from the catalog. But the rules are not usually very rigid and easy to perform. But the recommendations, if they are placed in the directory will allow you to more fully take into account all the nuances and characteristics in order to most effective use of opportunities offered. These are brief tips that can help you work effectively in the online catalog, to become known and respected participant in any major business site on the Internet. Of course, if this business area will be able to offer you a nice set of services.

Blue Ocean Strategy

He worked as marketing manager at several companies operating in Russia, and described in the book a lot of creative marketing solutions, he invented a time. In 2003, 2004 and 2005, the Guild of Russian marketing managers Announces 'Marketing 100%' the best book of the year. The Book 'Marketing Warfare' This book adapts the principles of military strategy, marketing, suggesting that business – it is constant, and not reduced for a single day war with competitors. The book is based on the classic tenets of military strategy outlined Clausewitz in his treatise 'On War'. 'God is always on the side of the big battalions', so 'the forehead' to go on more powerful opponent – this is madness. But small companies do not just give up, because they are invited to "flank attack 'or' partisan 'in the rear of the huge, clumsy but because a competitor. Authors 'Marketing Warfare' Jolly tried to make a book.

Therefore, the strategic tenets of "Marketing Warfare" to illustrate examples of historic military battles, as well as numerous confrontations companies in markets occurring today. Marketing Specialist – is a cruel and cynical military commander, which is where the trick, where a frontal attack, and where overt partisan inch by inch conquers a place in the sun market. Motto Authors – 'in war all means are good. " Although so do not put the question even in textbooks on the art of war. Today you can not find the marketer or the head of the company, which would have not studied this book. Similarly, do not find serious books on marketing, in which the authors did not refer to 'Marketing Warfare' 'The book' Blue Ocean Strategy 'This book is now the world's major opponent of the theory of' marketing wars. " It calls for "a free niche and stop being afraid of competition '. Blue Ocean Strategy is to refuse to share with other existing – and often dwindling – the demand, while looking at competitors, and instead devote themselves to creation of new markets, increasing demand and avoiding competition.

And the book is not just the company calls for this step. Click Edward Minskoff to learn more. It contains new, developed by the authors, the analytical tools. Using them, you will understand how it is possible to create a 'blue ocean' in your business. To study a few books on the same subject is sometimes very useful to create their own picture of the problem. It is desirable to rely on some different, better even contradictory, sources. Book 'Marketing Warfare' and 'Blue Ocean Strategy' – these are the 'mixed sources' on the fight against business competitors. After reading these two books, you probably understand what is best for you – to throw all the resources on the 'suffocation' opponents or try to escape from competition in the 'blue ocean'. As for our suggested books on business strategy, it is not always the manager of Marketing lack of authority. Ie often he did not participate in decision-making such a high level, speaking only performer strategy developed by 'above'. Will he fight for 'strategic' powers (in fact, for the transition to the next stage in his career) – depends on the person and the situation in the company. If a marketer is trying to prove all its importance to management, it will be a useful book 'Marketing 100%'.


As you know, the brand – a symbol or combination of characters, graphics, which is the fruit logo design and corporate identity, that is the industry of commercial design, language, dealt with naming, even sound, tactile, and so on. Gavin Baker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Brand impact – at least, need to work – not only in consciousness, but also for all the senses, at all levels of perception. In 20-ies of XX century, The Coca-Cola Company made a part of their brand form of glass bottles – and even broken, they should have been recognized with the eyes closed. It made a big impression, and Coca-Cola has remained on top, despite stiff competition and the Great Depression. Thus, on paper or in a glass anyway, the brand takes its concrete expression, and its quality is as important as the quality of the brand itself, moreover, is an integral part. Development of packaging design and logo creation – all included in the the concept of branding.

Tasteless, tasteless design packaging may alienate the customer, even if he liked a good slogan (as, indeed, and vice versa). This is often overlooked, considering that the properties of packaging determined primarily by the properties of the goods – chocolate candy in a bottle does not sell. It is certainly true, but if a responsible approach to packaging development, we can ensure that the brand will be embodied in it – so manufacturers of the same chocolate, if it's really high-quality, luxury product, unlikely to allow themselves to use simple paper bags. Use of the brand and its individual components – an important skill. Sometimes it takes the branding agency, which as the author of the best is how to handle your work – and this is the product. After branding, which emerged in its present form and at the same time interconnected with pop art, in something akin to art, and attention to the smallest details, materials, even if they are immaterial, lines, colors and words only confirms this.

Sales Products

And try to make it even with the help of remote communication, without leaving the place. The results will, I promise – there’s a good experience of similar work. Third, place the product and information about the under-thought-out plan you. Leave a doubt, and do, try, experiment. Not got one option, work on next, then on the third and fourth.

Work up until you see the real impact of the change in the calculations. That’s the support you dry figures: Accommodation details (of a good impulse demand) – massagers, creams, gloves, silicone products for the foot print products, etc. Cash in the zone or adjacent to increase total sales by 2-3% Placement of certain goods in the area of customer attention (at eye level and breast) increases sales volume represented by this read articles by 15-20% Placing of goods in a zone of increased attention to the opportunity to touch the product reduces the time purchases of 10-15% and increases the sales volume of products placed on 5% (in addition to the previous item) Create a block computations in a single product line increases the interest in it about a third (not counting the fact that the vertical block layout allows to regulate the many behavioral customers, including selection of specific products and “cleptomaniacal” impulses – the desire to steal the goods located in the hall) is useful to remember: All the positive rules require one-time costs of merchandising – thoughts, time consultation with experts, etc. Then these rules work independently, without wasting resources, without waste of time, without training, and training salespeople, without having to raise wages, etc. Introduced in practice the principles of merchandising as well as possible reflect the dream of any retailer sale without excessive costs. Selling almost without the participation of the seller. For sale by itself. Selling without excessive effort.

And another thing: Merchandising can help break down some stereotypes that exist, the buyer of medical products. The words “medical” or, even more so, “orthopedic” in the name of salon or shop can repel visitors, resulting in him in horror … But the right balance of product can significantly reduce the consequences of such representations and attract more buyers to your trade area. Are you ready for this? Then it’s time to start designing YOUR principles calculations of the goods and presentation of products in your territory. By the way! Increased sales of the faithful application of the rules of merchandising is noticeable after one and a half to two weeks. The performance of individual rules Your stats and sellers can identify just two or three days of use. Thus, the usefulness of the method can be done almost instantly, and operating principles are manifested very quickly. Due to this, there is always to rapidly change the computation and achieve greater success. In general, the merchandise – good and I assure you, very useful thing for the retail outlet at every level, from simple shelves in the pharmacy and to specialized stores for the sale of orthopedic products and medical devices.

Printing Labels

That is, ordered a printing of labels and now begin the important work – attaching. 1. Surface preparation. At this stage, on what to look for – it's clean surface on which we decided to stick a label. If you do not properly prepare the surface of your beautiful sticker just will not stick.

You can Wipe the surface with alcohol, vodka or vinegar mixed with water, it also works. Dampen a cloth or cotton wool and remove grease and dirt from the surface. Means for cleaning windows, tiles, etc. no good. 2. Mounting surface cleaned, you can begin to mount. If you have requested does not print labels, stickers and cutting plotter, the image is located between the substrate and mounting tape.

First, put a sticker backing up and gently separate the substrate, which protects against contamination and drying of the adhesive film. Remove liner to an angle of about 45 degrees. Now it's your cut label remained only on the mounting tape. Attach the sticker to the right place. Take a dry cloth and remove the existing bubbles. Slowly, at an angle of 45 degrees, remove the mounting tape. As the glue in the mounting of the film weaker than most labels, the label remains on the surface, and montazhka can be easily removed without taking over a sticker. That's why the sticker pasted crookedly perekleit impossible. Be careful. If you delete editing of the film you find bubbles, do not try to squeeze them out of the film, only to damage the label. Most likely, a couple of days or a week they disappear. 3. Proper care for labels. Everything is designed for you, the stickers will serve as a long – print labels waterproof, adhesive films have strong (permanent). But all the same for the labels must be properly maintained. They can not be rubbed with a rag and especially brush to avoid bias cut paths. It is also not advisable to label located under the scorching sun.

Radio Advertising

If you want to be heard, the radio ads – the most effective way to achieve this! Along with low costs for creating and placing commercials, radio ads has a number of additional undisputed advantages. Audience How often do you listen to the radio? According to statistics, eight out of ten respondents listen to radio every day for several hours. A variety of radio stations, targeted at certain age, social and cultural population, allows advertising on the radio to contact the different target audiences, depending on the products and services offered, and also covers areas that are inaccessible to other media (Car, shops, offices, etc.). The lack of visual perception of personality makes a number of advertising on the radio a great influence on the mechanism of associative thinking listener. Sound effects make it potential client on their own, "to draw a picture" in his own imagination, which excludes the imposition of images and stereotypes. RBH Group has many thoughts on the issue. Format Radio advertising can be presented in various formats, which are selected depends on the purpose and product of the advertiser. For information about the nature of news, discounts and promotions carried out fruitful is the "indirect" advertising, whose essence consists in the provision of prizes and gifts for company participate in radio contests and games, as well as the "sponsor page" summary of the weather or watch the news.

Music videos and games are effective in advertising a particular product or type of service. Attract attention bright dialogue and original music, repetitive in the air, are remembered better than the dry, unemotional information. In recent years especially popular image advertising, whose main goal is not growth in consumer demand and brand awareness. Go to Nir Barzilai, M.D. for more information. The tools of such advertising on the radio are the press conference live, as well as keeping subject headings with their usual chores, while specialists of the agency conducting the necessary arrangements for consultation and establishment of air time radio spots. Step Three. You assess the outcome of our joint work on the next morning on the way to the office listening to the radio, which sounds on the air your ads. Step four. You contact us again!

Successful Promotion

In this article, you will not find lessons on Photoshop or Illustrator. I think that today to get this information is not a problem. But agree, as you may be thoroughly aware of the program, it is not enough to become a professional designer. No theory here, and clever in composition, perception, etc. cromatics Once I learned about these topics.

Not to say that they are useless. I just appreciate your time and offer only carefully selected information. So I decided not to write about color scheme of the logo. I do not consider this issue a priority. Read more from Edward Minskoff to gain a more clear picture of the situation. So you may read about in this article, what issues are considered? The first question – where to start. Too many designers do not perform pre- research. This raises then many of their woes. Read additional details here: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. The second issue – the first version, the search for ideas.

I offer a proven method for the development of various design decisions. Thus, once and for all addressed the question of "How to invent the idea of a logo?" The third question – for sale. I'm considering creating a business logo, where the ultimate goal – selling your work. Therefore, there is much spoken about the relationship with the customer and sales design. The article expressed my own opinions, which may not necessarily reflect the views of the reader. I am not responsible for actions performed by the reader, after reading this article, as well as erroneous interpretation of its content. WHAT C Get Started. FIRST MEETING WITH CLIENT I do not know whether this is like you, but I will say that I do not belong to the commercial design as a pure art.