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Kyoto Protocol

To act against climate change we need to know as soon as we contribute to CO2 emissions in our homes. We are aware of the scope that is committed to the Kyoto Protocol as the most important international tool for the fight against climate change despite the fact that this Protocol is not working to the extent expected to stop the change. The task is definitely to continue sensitizing everyone, all organizations of presidential Government, local government and each family member, starting with the parents of the home, children, on the responsibilities of the warming of our planet. We want you friend reader, is the main protagonist. Source: Jorge Perez. The first person to avoid the formation of CO2. Further details can be found at Gavin Baker, an internet resource. Even there are economic incentives to achieve this.

For example, if in a year we stop consuming 2,612 Kwh of electrical energy, it is equivalent to leave produce 1.0 tons of CO2, one ton less of this gas to the environment. Now, for every ton of CO2 that we pollute the environment there is an incentive of 8 euros. It is great savings only by avoiding 2,612 kWh in a year-long, when in reality this can be hundreds of thousands of Kwh in an organization in a housing complex in a hotel from two stars, thousands of euros in favour and relief human because we would be cleaning up our only home: the Earth. Then what to do first, personally acquire the degree of commitment to one’s self. Interest and know the policy of offsetting carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Human activity is one of the main causes of climate change. Each consumer a year emits nearly 10 tons of CO2 with such everyday activities as travel, turn on the light or heating, evil use of the refrigerator, bathing with excess water, brushing your teeth with water run, misuse of sophisticated equipment, dishwashers, misuse of papers, cars in poor condition, arrojo trash the environment, waste to riversboil water, the iron turned on, hot springs in bad state, finally a great list.